10 Celebrities Lost MILLIONS Dollars After Scandal

10 Celebrities Lost MILLIONS Dollars After Scandal

Let’s be real. Celebrities always seem to be getting involved in scandalous situations that make them the number one topic of conversation in the news cycles.
Always talk about the Hollywood scene of these dramas is bigger.

10 Celebrities Lost MILLIONS Dollars After Scandal

Unfortunately, the resulting controversy often hurts their wallet. Sometimes they find humble the bag and lose massive endorsement deals and big brand campaigns, or get put out of work entirely. 

So who do you think has lost out the most? 

Here are the top ten celebrities that lost millions of dollars after a scandal.

1- Kathy Griffin 

The comedian brought about mass outrage when she pretended to decapitate the president of the United States in a photo shoot. 

It was she to be ousted from Hollywood entirely, and her life turned upside down. 

She lost a huge endorsement deal with a company called Squatty Potty, which released a statement saying, we were shocked and disappointed to learn about the image Ms. Griffin shared today. 

It was deeply inappropriate and runs contrary to the core values our company stands for. Kathy was fired from her cohost job with Anderson Cooper and CNN with a network cabling. 

The photo is disgusting and offensive. Oh, yeah, and 25 theaters canceled her upcoming shows. 

Kathy apologized profusely in a video message posted to her official Twitter account, saying that as a comedian, she was trying to cross the line. 

In this case, she went too far. So far, her career hasn’t fully recovered from the scandal.

2- Akon 

Horizon wasn’t laughing in 2007 when Akon took to the stage at what was supposed to be an 18-plus show and simulated intercourse with a female dancer who turned out to be 15. 

The video was all over the Internet, and Verizon quickly distanced itself from the wrap-up. They pulled his ringtones and canceled his $3 million sponsorship deal. 

After three weeks of mounting controversy, Akon finally apologized for dropping an undergo on stage. 

In a statement released to the Associated Press, he said, I want to sincerely apologize for the embarrassment and any pain I’ve caused to the young woman who joined me on stage, her family. 

It was never taking advantage of my fans in any way. That is why we tried to make sure that the club did not admit anyone under the age of 18 to the audience. 

Somehow Talk about deflecting the blame. Please hit that like button. It would help us out.

3- Sharon Stone 

If there was ever a case of terrible timing Sharon Stone was founded in 2008, and over 690 people lost their lives when a massive earthquake hit southwest China on May 12 of that year. 

The actress then took that as an opportunity to get political and said that the earthquake was karma because of Beijing’s treatment of Tibet. 

That caused widespread anger in China, and the national Chinese news outlet called her the public enemy of all mankind, and they decided to ban all of her films. 

Sharon later tried to apologize due to my inappropriate words and acts during the interview, I feel deeply sorry and sad about hurting Chinese people. But the damage was already done. 

The backlash against her led Kristian Dior to cancel her makeup modeling contract that was worth millions. 

We don’t support any type of commentary that will hurt the feelings of our customers. 

The controversy even held Christian Dior as a brand because China was its fastest-growing market at the time, and sales were greatly affected.

4- Ludicrous

The rapper was becoming one of the most popular artists in the industry in 2002, not to mention the Fast and the Furious franchise. 

He landed a lucrative deal with Pepsi in 2002 that was worth millions. But not everyone was happy for him. His biggest hater was Bill O’Reilly, who was outraged by Pepsi’s decision and urged his viewers to boycott the company if they didn’t pull the ads. 

He said, I’m calling for all responsible Americans to fight back and punish Pepsi for using a man who degrees women, who encourage substance, misuse, and does all the things that particularly hurt the poor in our society. 

Unfortunately for Ludicrous, it worked. Pepsi caved to the pressure and dropped him completely. 

Bill O’Reilly was way too proud of himself for that one and claimed that he was protecting the values of the United States.

5- The try guys 

The popular YouTube crew of four men became famous for trying out different things like karate, raising toddlers, shaping their legs, and even wearing crop tops. 

The Internet went crazy when a video circulated on social media showing one of their members need former kissing the Try Guys’assistant producer Alex Herring. 

The affair was extremely problematic, not only because Alex was Ned’s employee, but also because he was famous for his happy marriage. 

The rest of the Try Guys Keith, Eugene, and Zach quickly fired him, but now it looks like they’re set to lose close to $6 million as a result of the scandal. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the channel occupies a rung at the highest tier of digital content earners. 

The guys make 6 million per year for online content alone. It’s clear that they are going to do their best to stay afloat without a fourth member in the group, but that does put all of their earnings in jeopardy.

6-Kate Moss 

The supermodel went on a forced hiatus in September of 2005 when photos of her allegedly snorting a white powder appeared on the front page of London’s Daily Mirror, prompting H and M. Stella McCartney, Chanel, and Burberry to cancel her contract. 

Kate was also threatened with arrest and gained quite the reputation as a hard party up. 

Speaking about that time, she said that she felt sick and was quite angry because everybody knew that she was using illicit substances, she said. 

So for them to focus on me and to try to take my daughter away, I thought it was hypocritical. 

Less than a year later, all charges were dropped, and after a stint in rehab, kate started her journey. 

Her career was derailed entirely due to the scandal, but she was able to restore it through years of hard work and perseverance.


This scandal is not the result of anything that Kesha has done herself. Instead, the blame lies entirely on Dr. Luke. 

However, there’s no question that the subsequent chaos has left a singer without millions and put a massive strain on her career. 

That started in 2014 when Kesha sued Dr. Luke for SA and battery. The complaint included explosive allegations that he gave her sober pills and violated her while she was unconscious at a party in 2005.

 In response, his lawyers countersued for defamation, claiming that she was trying to extort him with false accusations to get out of her record deal. 

Although Kesha dropped her lawsuit in 2016, the defamation lawsuit is still ongoing. 

The lengthy legal battle has kept her career in kind of limbo, as she has been able to put out some music amid the drama, but will never really know what she could have accomplished had she been free from her record deal.

8-Louis C. Kane 

Once the hottest name in comedy, Louis C. Kane was extremely successful in Hollywood until a group of female comics revealed that he liked to drop his pants in front of them and pleasure himself without their consent. 

The comedian admitted to the lewd acts following the publication of an investigative story in The New York Times, releasing a detailed statement on what he did and an apology to the women. 

The scandal had already snowballed and become much too big for him to recover professionally. 

That led to the scrapping of his movie I Love You, Daddy and the cancelation of a TV deal with FX and a string of already booked performances. 

His management company and publicist also dropped him. According to the comedian’s count, being canceled has cost him around $35 million in earnings. 

He is still being able to perform for fans who support him, but it cannot be understated just how much money he lost from the scandal.

9-Alec Baldwin

For five years, he was killing it as the face of Capital One Bank. He took the what’s in Your Wallet campaign to new heights and established it as a lasting pop culture reference. 

In November of 2013, Alex was accused of and eventually admitted to using gay slurs toward the paparazzi during a fight that was all captured on video. 

The incident led him to write an essay for Vulture called Goodbye Public Life where he said after the TMZ event, Capital One did not renew his contract, although it politely said the two things were unrelated. 

Atma had booked me for a paid speech in Orlando and then canceled. WNYC lost funding for my radio show. 

The tone of the essay made it clear that Alec was defeated, having lost millions in brand deals. He accept some responsibility for the incident but mainly said that public life has become impossible for celebrities. 

10- Nick Cannon 

the actor, TV show host, and musician was fired from his long-running comedy improv show Wild and out after he made antisemitic comments on his podcast called Cannon’s Class. 

Nick engages in offensive conspiracy theories and talks about things like the Illuminati. After the resulting scandal, Wilderness’s parent company Viacom CBS released a statement saying we are deeply troubled that Nick has failed to acknowledge or apologize for perpetuating antisemitism, and we are terminating our relationship with him. 

Nick tried to save himself and say, I must apologize to my Jewish brothers and sisters, putting them in such a painful position, which was never my intention, It didn’t work out and he was kicked out of his show.

He would have lost a lot of money, but he still managed to return around a year later. Well, that’s everything that we have on the list.

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