8 best Beyonce’s clothing style

Bright, transparent, colorful, eclectic and, above all, wonderful. We collect the most unforgettable looks of Queen B

8 best Beyonce's clothing style

A total black to make history

We have already witnessed on several occasions the tight looks chosen by the queen of pop both at events and in her street looks, and way to show off her impressive curves. She creates history by becoming the woman with the most Grammy awards throughout her career.

For the occasion, Beyonce wore a black look signed by Schiaparelli, with a black leather dress with a Bardot neckline that left the artist’s shoulders exposed as the main piece and complemented by XXL gloves with golden nails and extra-long earrings as well. Gold with touches of black enamel, both accessories were designed by the Italian haute couture house.

Feathers will always be a hit

At the 2019 Shawn Carter Foundation Gala, the singer dazzled again (literally).

This time a tailored dress by Roberto Cavalli, made of tulle, adorned with crystals and feathers at the neckline and the usual opening in the skirt. So she could perfectly wear her shoes, golden Jimmy Choo sandals.

Ended up being such an inspiration

If the previous answer was “no”, here it is not only that the replica repeats itself, but that it is raised to full power.

That was a difficult dress, the one that she wore to the 2015 MET gala and went around the world, inspiring numerous designers in their subsequent creations and teaching a lesson in how strategically placed embroidery and rhinestones can be more than enough to go to a red carpet.

She was the last to arrive that night, but Givenchy’s work immediately placed her in many (and diverse) rankings.

A color that always favors

For the London premiere of the film The Lion King, in which she participates as the voice of Nala, Beyoncé opted for a yellow dress by Nguyen Cong Tri that was unique in several ways, both for the asymmetrical neckline with a short sleeve and another fall over the shoulder to the cut-out triangle of the bodice. The real star, of course, was her leg opening.

Her concept of casual

That could well be proof that there are a series of maxims that are so much his that nothing and no one can take them away from him. The most prominent in this image? That casual look can include burgundy leather, a miniskirt, high heels, and a Chanel bag and yet not lose the informal vocation for a second.

Premiere of ‘The Lion King in Hollywood

For the Hollywood premiere, the performer made a spectacular red carpet appearance in a custom Alexander McQueen design: a tuxedo-style dress covered in jewel embellishments with gems and crystals that were the brightest version of what we consider the look of a movie star.

A key color

The singer’s ally for her stage looks has long been Balmain, whose philosophy seems to fit perfectly with the extravagant and seductive character that her style possesses.

On the Road Tour II, for example, the artist donned a body made of pearls and feathers with a matching garter belt and white ankle boots.

A risky but successful mix

Of course, we must not lose sight of the fact that Beyoncé is a great lover of color in her most dazzling spectrum.

A sporty and slightly retro t-shirt in different shades of red might not be the most obvious option to pair with a midi skirt in yellow, blue, and orange checks… but it is for the artist.

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