Amber Heard filed for bankruptcy to save from paying Johnny Depp

The actress publicly stated that she does not have enough money to pay her ex-husband.

Amber Heard and Jhonny Deep starred in one of the most mediatic trials of recent years. It all started when the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor sued his ex-partner for defamation after she published an article in the “Washington Post” alleging that she was a victim of domestic and sexual violence.

Unfortunately, the picture turned dark for the actress, who after six weeks of intense court hearings she was found guilty of acting maliciously by writing the column in the iconic newspaper and defaming Depp’s image.

Thus, the court ordered Heard to pay the sum of ten million dollars for damages to her ex-husband, money that, according to her legal team, she does not have, since her image fell to the ground after the verdict and no study wants to hire her to make film productions.

Amber Heard filed for bankruptcy

A situation that has put her between a rock and a hard place, since she has declared bankruptcy to seek to appeal the decision or to find payment agreements that allow financial relief.

He believes that the court has made errors in the amendment’s decision, so we are appealing the decision for the artist.

Is she saved from paying?

While filing for bankruptcy may help defer payment, it doesn’t absolve you of your financial obligation to Johnny Depp, Bruce Markell professor said of bankruptcy law and practice at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law in Illinois in a conversation with ‘Law and Crime magazine.

“She could get a procedural advantage of proposing to pay the award over time,” he noted.

“If Ms. Heard has filed for bankruptcy to stop or reduce payments could be seen as bad faith. However, I have no idea of ​​her present or future financial condition”.

What will Johnny Depp do?

Before the legal attack of Amber Heard, the team of lawyers of the interpreter of the captain ‘Jack Sparrow’ has stated not to give ‘his arm to twist and will appeal any decision that goes against the interests of his client.

“The verdict speaks for itself, and Mr. Depp believes this is a time for both parties to move on with their lives and get back on their feet,” they said in an official statement.

If Ms. Heard wishes to continue the trial by appealing the decision. Mr. Depp will also have to file an appeal simultaneously and the court on appeal will consider the full record and all relevant legal issues.

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