Beyoncé drove her fans crazy with the semi-nude song “Break my soul”

Although her video was not as expected, she was surprised when she appeared in a tiny suit riding a silver horse

In the last few hours, Beyoncé has positioned herself among the main trends in social networks by posting a new video on YouTube with which she deceived more than one.
And it is that the famous American interpreter took advantage of the fact that her millions of fans are waiting for the release of the Break my soul video clip to joke around with a Cliquebait.

Although the audiovisual fragment was only a hook, she fell in love with her by showing off her statuesque figure in a tiny glamorous suit.

It was during the night of last August 4 when the interpreter Crazy in love and Partition resorted to her official channel on the well-known video platform to publish In recent weeks it has managed to climb to the top of the popularity charts.

beyonce new song

The singer appeared in the first seconds of the video wearing a spectacular figure. She retains at 40 years old in a costume similar to a very revealing swimsuit because in the images you can see that it was made up of a central structure that started from her belly up to his neck strategically covering the necessary areas.

It is worth mentioning that the international star posed sitting on a silver horse figure and did not sing, she only moved her hands. In another shot, you can see the steed immersed in darkness, while around her some leaves were burning. During the remaining four minutes of the song, only a black background appears with the word Renaissance, the name of the album where she released Break my soul.

As expected, the silver sparkles that surrounded Beyoncé ended up shocking her fans, who downplayed the Cliquebait and filled social media with praise.

I will thinking that Beyoncé had uploaded the Break My Soul video and had not read that it said Cliquebait “. Don’t be a mummy!!” “Now you only play with our emotions!!! You know we’re ready hahaha, but you just have to play these mind games I love you!”, were some comments on Twitter and YouTube.

Other users of social networks took advantage of his joke to applaud his new record material composed of Break my soul, I’m that girl, Cozy, Alien Superstar, Cuff it, Energy, Church girl, Plastic off the sofa, Virgo’s groove, Move, Heated, Thique, All up in your mind, America has a problem, Pure/Honey and Summer renaissance.

“Beyoncé’s new album is really impressive.” “Beyoncé’s Break My Soul Spends Sixth Consecutive Day Atop Apple Music Global.” “I am so happy for the success that Beyoncé is having… Talent always wins.”
“I am totally and utterly taken by the Beyoncé album which I love madly,” they wrote on Twitter.

They could not miss some memes that took up the Cliquebait, the Alien superstar theme, and the post of their album. Even the official Teletubbies account uploaded a montage with Lala.

On the other hand, since Rebirth was launched, it has been involved in controversy because Beyoncé allegedly said an insult. Some Internet users exploded and asked the renowned interpreter to modify the lyrics.

Which is not intentionally used in a harmful way, will be replaced. The way to success is under construction.

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