Hannah Dodd was recently signed by “The Bridgertons”

Hannah Dodd, the actress who has joined the third season of ‘The Bridgertons’ in the role of Francesca Bridgerton, has everything it takes to become the next great it girl

The Bridgertons, that series that is not only the great audience hit of recent years on Netflix but has also made the Regency Core trend a dogma and has made the world ask some feminist questions, is already in the middle of filming its third season.

The third installment will bring several new features. The most important of all is the alteration of the order of the central romances that marked the Julia Quinn novels: instead of tackling the romance of Benedict Bridgerton, the series created by Chris Van Dusen will focus on the love story of Penelope Featherington ( who, in turn, is also the enigmatic gossip columnist who hides behind the pseudonym Lady Whistledown) and her neighbor and friend Colin Bridgerton, possibly the fan-favorite duo.

hannah dodd

But another succulent change awaits us: the actress Ruby Stokes, who until now played Francesca Bridgerton, has left the production and will be replaced by Hannah Dodd. 

Although her name may not be too well known, she is a true insider of the fashion industry with a remarkable acting career behind her.

Model (and dancer) before the actress

Hannah Dodd (Colchester, 1995) is the umpteenth girl that the United Kingdom has exported to the world. In addition to undeniable physical attractiveness, Dodd possesses that elusive gift of presence from her because she began taking dance classes when she was practically a baby and has studied professional dance and theater for four years at the London Studio Centre.

That combination, of beauty and grace, has made her one of the most sought-after models by major British fashion firms such as Topshop or Burberry, whose most recent (and viral) campaigns she has starred in, including the one that marked Romeo’s debut as a model. Beckham.

The new Keira Knightley?

She debuted as an actress in the series Find Me in Paris (in which she plays an elite ballet dancer for the Paris Opera) to joining The Bridgertons, Dodd’s career has been characterized by her tendency toward productions of aspirational and escapist aesthetics, especially in period dramas with costumes and aesthetics with historical overtones.

She has participated in the series Flowers in the Attic and Harlots: Courtesans and the Eternals movies and the still pending release, Enola Holmes 2 in which she will share contact with Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill.

 “In the beginning, when I started acting, I preferred to play characters closer to me because I thought that was the key to doing it well be able to fully understand them. But, as I have progressed I have loved the differences more.

I love that these characters are so different and having to fill in the gaps and find out why they are the way they are, ”he explained in an interview with the British edition of Marie Claire about a career in which contemporary and realistic characters do not abound, an inclination that has marked the trajectory of Keira Knightley.

Chameleonic and active in networks

Her almost 120,000 followers on Instagram (a network on which she posts often and on which she usually responds to her fans’ comments) can attest to the actress’s ability to change her look and become almost unrecognizable: brunette, redhead, and in different shades of blonde, Dodd isn’t afraid of change, in Anatomy of a Scandal, she wore blue contact lenses, the color of Sienna Miller’s eyes, with whom she shared some remarkable wardrobe pieces.


Although she often posts photos from her travels and her childhood album, little is known about her private life.

According to the British press, it is rumored that she has been dating Rory Saper, her co-star in Meet Me in Paris, for years, but neither actor has confirmed or denied this relationship. She has an older sister and little brother named Alice and Will.

And, according to her agency resume, she is an accomplished athlete, especially outstanding in basketball.

A real Bridgerton

The images of the shooting of the third season of The Bridgertons have already been leaked on social networks and, in one of them, we see Hannah with Simone Ashley, who plays Kate Sharma, the new wife of Anthony Bridgerton and, therefore, sister-in-law of her character, Francesca, the most introverted of the family that gives the series its name.

Fans of the series could not help but notice the enormous resemblance between the characterized Hannah Dodd and Phoebe Dynevor, the actress who plays her older sister, Daphne.

has what it takes to become the next great it girl The Bridgertons are not what can be understood as simple so it is likely that the episodes will arrive, at the earliest, within a year.

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