Lucero remembered as “Sandy” and paid tribute to Olivia Newton-John

Users of social networks applauded her interpretation, she was even named “Our Mexican Sandy”

After the unfortunate death of Olivia Newton-John was revealed on August 8 at the age of 73 after three decades of fighting breast cancer. Artists from the world took to their social networks to express their condolences and remember moments they shared with the immortal Sandy or the indelible meaning of said character in their careers.

Lucero remembered when she became "Sandy" and paid tribute to Olivia Newton-John

The case of Lucero, who in the last few hours shared with her almost four million followers on Instagram a nice memory of when she played the role that marked Olivia Newton-Jhon’s career on the big screen and that transcended generations thanks to the fact that Vaseline became a cinematic classic.

According to the Mexican interpreter, it was several years ago when she had the opportunity to become Sandy for a television program in Brazil.

She was inspired by the iconic look that the late actress wore when she sang You are the one that I want in the 1978 film, she wore tight black pants and a fitted blouse of the same color with drop shoulders, plus a blonde wig with tousled curls.

A few years ago in Brazil, I am doing this musical number that I enjoyed to the fullest characterized. Unforgettable moments, unforgettable people.

As expected, the comments section was filled with condolences and messages of love for Olivia Newton-John’s family and friends, as well as applause for the Bride of Latin America for her spectacular performance on the Brazilian show.

“She left us wonderful things! Grease has always been one of my favs, a great movie to always remember. And you beautiful interpreting that great musical”. “That performance was amazing!

“many ways to remember the great Olivia than, always remembering her”, were some reactions.

Lucero is not the only Mexican star to remember as Olivia Newton- who uploaded a video where she appears singing Summer Nights.

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