Marilyn Manson settled with Esmé Bianco for sexual assault

Marilyn Manson settled with Esmé Bianco for sexual assault

The actress had sued Manson for crimes of sexual assault, physical abuse, and human trafficking.

The singer Marilyn Manson reached an agreement with Esmé Bianco after the lawsuit for sexual assault that the actress filed in 2021.

Bianco’s lawyer stated that she wanted to reach a consensus with the musician to “move on with his life and career.” For now, it is not known what terms they reached.

The ‘Game of Thrones star has spoken out about these allegations multiple times. She describes feeling “like a prisoner” in the period when she suffered abuse from Manson, specifically between 2009 and 2011.

He further explained that Manson had great control over her because her visa was granted under the commitment that he would work on the musician’s film projects.

Bianco stressed that, in this way, the singer threatened her with “withdrawing support if she disliked him.”

Another of the dramatic episodes for the actress was when Manson “gave her cocaine, tied her up with cables and physically assaulted her when they had sex.”

Even Ella Bianco confesses to having suffered during the recording of ‘I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies’, one of Manson’s singles.

For this reason, she decided to denounce the singer for sexual assault, physical abuse and human trafficking. However, the conciliation agreement was already in place between the two.
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