Salma Hayek is the queen bikini

Our favorite bikini influencer returns to the fray as a firm candidate for the best snapshot of the summer.

Despite already being in the second half of August, Salma Hayek, our favorite bikini and swimsuit influencer, has returned as a contender for the best snapshot of the summer.

Praise her she is the one who never makes us feel even an iota of jealousy for her tropical location, if only for her refreshingly motivating attitude to bikini selfies.

Salma Hayek is the queen of bikini

With her shoulders thrown back and a caftan proudly open, the actress declares in her latest post that she is ready for whatever life throws her way. Her appearance is also amazing.

Salma Hayek’s poolside photo shoots are a summer oasis. On the one hand, the images scream “sex symbol”.

On the other hand, they are still funny photos where, although the actress knows that she looks great, she does not take herself seriously at any time.

After all, who needs another Instagrammer more than her to share her gym routine or her little break (cocktail included) from the jogs that life gives her?

Hayek shows a real vacation: no makeup, cute but functional swimsuits, and accessories that suit her style and don’t desperately follow the trends of the moment. At 55 years old, the actress knows what she favors and it shows.

Except for some jaw-dropping photos of Hayek dancing on a yacht in a purple two-piece, this summer has been quieter than usual in the actress’s life as far as vacation posts are concerned.

Salma has spent part of the summer promoting her latest projects; So she and her husband, François-Henri Pinault, have had to make time almost in a hurry to travel before the show season begins and she has to act as a very elegant companion for one of the most powerful men in the world of fashion.

Judging from the images, she is surrounded by nature where the actress displays her greatest freedom and natural beauty.

With her hair wet from the sea and her skin dotted with freckles, Hayek shows us how important it is to take time to reconnect with yourself. If this is how it is to live for 55 years, hopefully, they will arrive soon.

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