FANTASY ISLAND - Final Trailer (HD)

Every fantasy comes at a price. Watch the new trailer for Blumhouse’s #FantasyIslandMovie, in theaters Valentine’s Day. Visit Site: Follow Us On Social: Subscribe to Sony Pictures for exclusive content: In Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island, the enigmatic Mr. Roarke makes the secret dreams of his lucky guests come true at a luxurious but remote tropical resort. But when the fantasies turn into nightmares, the guests have to solve the island’s mystery in order to escape with their lives. Directed by Jeff Wadlow, Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island is written by Jeff Wadlow & Chris Roach & Jillian Jacobs and is produced by Jason Blum, Marc Toberoff and Jeff Wadlow. Directed by: Jeff Wadlow Written by: Jeff Wadlow & Chris Roach & Jillian Jacobs Based upon the Television Series Created by: Gene Levitt Produced by: Jason Blum Marc Toberoff Jeff Wadlow Executive Produced by: Couper Samuelson Jeanette Volturno Cast: Michael Peña Maggie Q Lucy Hale Austin Stowell Portia Doubleday Jimmy O. Yang Ryan Hansen And Michael Rooker #OfficialTrailer #FinalTrailer #Sony #FantasyIsland #MichaelPena #MaggieQ #LucyHale #AustinStowell #PortiaDoubleday #JimmyOYang #RyanHansen #MichaelRooker

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The Valentine's day is coming? Oh crap I forgot to get a girlfriend again.
Mohammad Zarrar
Mohammad Zarrar:
The pg-13 rating is definitely not a good sign.
Blondie over here killing childhood bullies, Florida style.
Jacob Lofthus
Jacob Lofthus:
Aria's wish: Revenge on A (childhood bully).
A E:
Why does this give me Truth or Dare vibes?
Same Actress ✅
Same Director ✅
Same Writer ✅
Same Producer ✅
Same Studio ✅
oh HELL no
Fla Gal
Fla Gal:
7 rings , PG-13 rating, and revenge on a childhood bully. Seems like this movie is being marketed to teens.
Winter Now
Winter Now:
Just before the volcano erupts and sends the island to hell, they escape on a ship...only to find that it's the LOVE BOAT!!!
Danny Bryan
Danny Bryan:
Straight to the Walmart $5 dvd bin with this one.
Yasmeena Elmahdy
Yasmeena Elmahdy:
Can I even take this seriously if 7 RINGS is the soundtrack
Was waiting to hear DA PLANE ! DA PLANE ! DA PLANE BOSS !
Antonio M. Perez
Antonio M. Perez:
I want it, I got it 🎶
Who else realized 7 Rings?!
Mr Grumpy
Mr Grumpy:
Unfortunately it is PG13! So, the crimes it will be *off screen* shieeeeet!
lady mopar
lady mopar:
Makes me miss Ricardo Montalban.
Jake The Jedi
Jake The Jedi:
Bruh, where is my boy tattoo
So how do we update Fantasy Island for the 21st Century? Hmm... lets just make Until Dawn the movie but put it on a tropical island.
Scary movies gotta stop w the “ oh my god they brought our daughter or son back “ it’s getting repetitive
She reminds me of Sabrina. I’d feel stupid if she’s the same actor lol
EveThePerson -_-
EveThePerson -_-:
i wouldve just wanted a million dollars
Wolverine Pete
Wolverine Pete:
I watched Fantasy Island as a kid when it first aired. The cool thing about the stories that got too scary, Mr. Rourke was always there to step in & make things o.k. This garbage looks like they are turning Mr. Rourke into Jigsaw. 😩
I miss tatoo!
We use to go out for donuts together and tatoo always ordered. "Da Plane, Da Plane"
Pg-13 can destroy scenes which would have been awesome if they were R. Imagine Jason movies being rated pg 13... not only Jason but all the iconic movies would have been destroyed if they were rated Pg-13. Let's see how this one goes...
I can't stop laughing about the fact that Aria Montgomery went and dyed her hair blonde and caught Alison DiLaurentis in a Dollhouse of her own. 😂 This cast is perfect. I'm going to see it just because of that "childhood bully" bit. The writers and marketing team knew exactly what they were doing...
So this is where Angela went
Ramiro Garza
Ramiro Garza:
Please!!! Come up with something original!!!
Classic Tails The Fox
Classic Tails The Fox:
0:57 - 0:58

Omg, she's so stiff! Someone get her a chiropractor!
Prinsipe Motions
Prinsipe Motions:
Bruh this is like camping in roblox, it looks innocent and nice until your realise its scary
William Crowe
William Crowe:
When I told my brother about this, he related to me how the pilot episode of the TV series had some horror undertones. So who knows how it will end for these characters?
I have conflicted feelings about this.

While I appreciate the twist, I'm a little disappointed this couldn't be a more... Magical feel-good film where the characters grow from the experience in a positive way.

This is clearly not tailored to an older audience and that makes me equally sad. My parents and grandparents wouldn't be very interested in watching this and that is what really disappoints me.

But in my mind, the idea of defeating a perversion of something sacred has some emotional weight to it. So my Hope is it's not an "escape" film and more of a "let's fix this" thing.
"It's called Final Fantasy, it's not real, not really!"
UTOPPEA Benjamin
UTOPPEA Benjamin:
That one scene with the girl
Remember me of the Movie “Us”
Ty Pennypacker
Ty Pennypacker:
It’s okay, you’re safe In the comments lmao
The Diary Of Fonze
The Diary Of Fonze:
Rodney Chang
Rodney Chang:
I’m seeing it you have pretty little liars Lucy hale Maggie Q aka Nikita if you all remember
Kevin Dalton
Kevin Dalton:
Hello and welcome to "Psycho Island! " Where shall we begin?
Does anybody remember the TV show Lost? From the first season I always had the theory that they crashed on fantasy island
John Moore
John Moore:
Kind of reminds me of the manga “prison lab”
Tierra Triplett
Tierra Triplett:
Can’t wait to see this when it comes out about to be epic reminds of a good dream turning into a nightmare I love it 🤣🥰😍❤️!!
spoiler: it is not going as they planned
Fic 04
Fic 04:
Valentine's day, no gf, and this movie is a comedy, perfect😆
Kadin Sisavat
Kadin Sisavat:
7 rings is playing in the background😍😍
Mason P
Mason P:
I remember watching Fantasy Island with my family when I was a kid(we owned Fantasy Island on DVD.) De Plane! De Plane! Welcome to Fantasy Island.
tommydingo1 H54
tommydingo1 H54:
When your going to fantasy places every risk is too great and especially when it comes to jumping into danger
Kaivon Nix
Kaivon Nix:
here y’all go again, judging a new movie by its rating and trailer🤦🏽‍♀️it might be actually good
summer a
summer a:
💀"happy Valentine's day" 😤
Seems like Jian-Yang finally gonna knock out Erlich's ass in this movie, Gonna watch just for that moment, Peace
Haven’t seen anything like yet
Excited !
0:23 the background music sounds like 7 rings by ariana grande
Leo Gh
Leo Gh:
This will be on Netflix in 2 years 😂
Digital Ninja 279
Digital Ninja 279:
"Places everyone."
jett woodward
jett woodward:
"Da plane! Da plane!"
mike z.
mike z.:
Even w/out Tattoo I wonder if they'll do "the plane!" line.

I'll bet Tattoo will do some sort of surprise twist appearance.
Andrew Pouncil
Andrew Pouncil:
Movie looks really good can't wait to see this looks scary
katarinas butt cheek
katarinas butt cheek:
Fyre festival: the great music festival that ACTUALLY happened
space man reviews
space man reviews:
So just simply reboot every movie by replacing all white men? WOKE TRASH!
2021: Blumehouse's The Love Boat
Мне скучно
Мне скучно:
The childhood bully kinda looked like Allison or her sister A.
Rylan Benzing
Rylan Benzing:
Anything I want?!?!? You'll see me eating a hundred chicken nuggets while I watch every star wars movie
Jeremy Sears
Jeremy Sears:
Anything with Portia Doubleday in it , im *DEFINITELY* going to see
Manuel David Rendon Acevedo
Manuel David Rendon Acevedo:
Final trailer?, really?, well I guess they don't want to give anything away, so props to that
Bernard Lopez
Bernard Lopez:
Wow when they get off of the plane and the lady greets them it reminds me of the game TEST DRIVE
Matthew Cool
Matthew Cool:
Hey, it's that guy from Ant-Man & The Wasp.
Raymon Gomez
Raymon Gomez:
1:12 reminds me of Billie Eilish
Alexander Jones
Alexander Jones:
This is reminding me of a book I read as a kid. I think it is called ‘The paradise trap’ or something like that.
Mitchell Ries
Mitchell Ries:
Wow. This makes the island from Lost look like a vacation paradise.
Alan Comfer
Alan Comfer:
Thank you Sony for telling ME that I don't HAVE to SEE another of YOUR MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!
Golden Butterfly
Golden Butterfly:
Looks like a good movie and it's coming out on Valentine's Day 😆🤗☺
Ashvin perera
Ashvin perera:
Maggie q ❣️🤗
Austin Ryan Hays
Austin Ryan Hays:
“the most popular girl in school was my tormentor” anyone else notice that #PrettyLittleLiars Easter egg?
Daniel Skelley
Daniel Skelley:
I can't believe that somebody took a 70s television show and turned it into this. The original series was about helping people realize what was truly important in life and nobody ever died. What is the point of this movie?
Paul Mc C
Paul Mc C:
I have been an avid cinema goer for 40+ years now typically going 3 - 4 times a week and I have never seen worse than this pathetic PC scare free muck. Avoid this unwatchable putrid stinker at all costs. ***ABSOLUTELY DIRE ON EVERY SINGLE LEVEL***
Definitely an interesting premise
1:13 🔥❣🧡
👇 👇 👇 👇💙
Rami Al-Omari
Rami Al-Omari:
pg-13? oh c'mon guys
U ever noticed how almost every movie that Hollywood puts out is a remake or a sequel....Hmmmm🤔. Running out of Original Ideas...also a sign of the BEGINNING of the END.
Milan Dimoski
Milan Dimoski:
Can someone tell me please where to find full movie?
Secret . . M
Secret . . M:
When I realized that my fantasy would be most nightmarish....
🤦🏿‍♂️This is a great you guys really turned. He favorite childhood TV series of money into a horror flick.........🤔hmmmm I'll take it!!!!
Brock Whiting
Brock Whiting:
Honestly, blumhouse has had a pretty shit track record recently, if anything a24 has been delivering with the goods lately
This actually looks really good. I can't say that about a lot of blumhouse movies
Fran Stoker
Fran Stoker:
This is Sara Corbello I love Lucy hale from pretty little liars miss that show
Dengdeng Yang
Dengdeng Yang:
1st scene of the trailor taken with Xperia 1.
Is gonna be lit 🔥
Is gonna be lit 🔥
shane Boswell
shane Boswell:
I was waiting to see mr rouke and tattoo
courtney parrish
courtney parrish:
Next time add the cast of Pretty little liars on here.
atila Maldonado
atila Maldonado:
0:42 stranger things
White Devil
White Devil:
It'll be on Netflix in weeks. Just wait.
Dale Elmore
Dale Elmore:
I saw Legend of Boggy Creek in the 70s and it scared the shit out of me, it would seem kinda cheesy now, and it was rated G . It's still one of my favorite horror movies now.
well, i'll watch anything with ma boi michael pena in it.
NightWolfFlame YT
NightWolfFlame YT:
Why do I hear 7 rings in the background
I knew there was something off about the 70's version of Fantasy Island.
Troy Mahler
Troy Mahler:
Awwwwwwww...HELL YEAH!!!🙇🙆🙅
I walked out of this movie , it bored me ☹️☹️☹️
Dru Smith
Dru Smith:
This looks like it could be fun. The TV show was never that dark, from what I remember.
herby jerome
herby jerome:
That Island couldn't give me what I want even if it twisted.
Tom Smith
Tom Smith:
Genuinely thought 0:49 was Jack Sheppard from LOST
Wow! A PC movie that I will make sure not to watch. The reviewers also seem to be getting it.
phillip martin
phillip martin:
Who is Blumhouse? And where's the midget saying, "the plane, the plane"?
lucinda talton
lucinda talton:
If Tatoo not greeting, I'm not watching! If I don't see him yelling the plane, the's not really fantasy Island.👀👀👀👀
Kada Art
Kada Art:
Me throughout the video: NIKITAAAA
Jocelyn Mathie
Jocelyn Mathie:
I really want to watch this!