FANTASY ISLAND - Official Trailer (HD)

Screams come true. Watch the new trailer for #Blumhouse’s #FantasyIslandMovie, in theaters Valentine’s Day. #NeverComingHome Visit Site: Follow Us On Social: Subscribe to Sony Pictures for exclusive content: In Blumhouse’s new spin on Fantasy Island, the enigmatic Mr. Roarke makes the secret dreams of his lucky guests come true at a luxurious but remote tropical resort. But when the fantasies turn into nightmares, the guests have to solve the island’s mystery in order to escape with their lives. Directed by Jeff Wadlow, Fantasy Island is written by Jeff Wadlow & Chris Roach & Jillian Jacobs and is produced by Jason Blum and Marc Toberoff. Directed by: Jeff Wadlow Written by: Jeff Wadlow & Chris Roach & Jillian Jacobs Based upon the Television Series Created by: Gene Levitt Produced by: Jason Blum Marc Toberoff Executive Produced by: Jeff Wadlow Couper Samuelson Jeanette Volturno Cast: Michael Peña Maggie Q Lucy Hale Austin Stowell Portia Doubleday Jimmy O. Yang Ryan Hansen And Michael Rooker #OfficialTrailer #Sony #FantasyIsland #MichaelPena #MaggieQ #LucyHale #AustinStowell #PortiaDoubleday #JimmyOYang #RyanHansen #MichaelRooker

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Jordan From Texas
Jordan From Texas:
Most definitely did not expect “7 Rings” By Ariana Grande to get the horror movie treatment
Rebelchild films
Rebelchild films:
Damn, Jordan Peele got everybody remixing songs to make them sound like horror lmfaooo
Happy Faces
Happy Faces:
Blumhouse is killing it with these short films recently,, Im so glad they're posting them on youtube so i dont have to pay for the full movie :) 10/10
granto ,
granto ,:
"Press the button to the floor w no name"

Me: ummm....nope

*Movie ends
Stefani Mayza
Stefani Mayza:
I was too busy listening to Ariana grandes song then actually paying attention...
why does 7 rings actually fit so well
Why would someone wear a leather jacket to a tropical island? She must be, like, really cool. I can’t believe anyone would ever bully someone so cool.
Harry Hart
Harry Hart:
If they did it with 7 rings, I’d like to see them turn “yummy” into horror trailer music.
2:33 is it just me or the island looks like a person screaming?
beneath.the.roses Lucid Dream Journal
beneath.the.roses Lucid Dream Journal:
Never trust anyone that wears all white.
Ray Supreme
Ray Supreme:
So nobodies fantasy couldn’t simply be to just have $1 million ? 😂
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ:
Good movie just watched it !!!!! there is a twist someone from the group wished something first! this is no spoiler great mysterie horror movie 👍 👍 it is nearly better than get out
Never get invited by someone who wears long white dresses, that’s what I’ve learned from all of these horror and suspense/mystery movies. This kind of reminds me of the invitation.
cladal Mar
cladal Mar:
Michael Peña is an amazing actor but he does not have the presence of Ricardo Montalbán.
entertaining videos
entertaining videos:
I believe I’m the only one in this comment section who actually wants to see this movie at least who’s actually excited to see it.
Why is Lucy hale always in movies like this
saffiy_ luk
saffiy_ luk:
50% of comment: Talking about the movie
Another 50%: Talking about 7 rings
Anthony Fletcher
Anthony Fletcher:
What is your deepest fantasy?

Me: Two chicks at the same time.

But you can have anything. You can change your...

Me: Two chicks! Same time!
Ok the “I’m your friend” part wasn’t in the movie. Why the trailer? Lol. Deleted scene?
“i want it, I got it” simple yet very dark
Jeremy Whitmon
Jeremy Whitmon:
Literally nobody is mentioning the fact that this is based off of a TV show that is about as far away from horror as it gets
Kraven Spider
Kraven Spider:
“The’s here.”
Me: De plane, boss! De plane, de plane!!
Donut Lover
Donut Lover:
At the end. You should say, "is it real. Or is it just a reality."
Nova LN
Nova LN:
Lmao that Mexican dude at the end trying to be scary is so funny
Idolz Generation
Idolz Generation:
I’m going to see this movie on a first date with a guy and I get scared easily, can I get some good luck from people here please 😂
Dominic Obias-Chung
Dominic Obias-Chung:
scariest part of the trailer would be hearing Ariana's 7 rings turned into a horror soundtrack.
When dora’s dad be serious about the island 😂
This movie was so bad that I thought there was a fake ad telling me to turn my phone off.
Nima Zareei
Nima Zareei:
this movie was so bad now my fantasy is to get my money back
Ed SkyNight
Ed SkyNight:
You’d think this being a horror movie and it’s called fantasy island, where anything from your fantasies comes true, there’d be a sexy scene or two showing.
" no service, it's not everything is possible. "

Geez they really couldn't stay away from that type of dialogue in horror movies huh.
Max Green
Max Green:
You already know this not you’re average movie when you see “Blum house”
Plsdonothate me
Plsdonothate me:
the guy who made edited 7 rings deserves a PROMOTION
Trailers always giving away too much.
" *I want* to go home" might be said by one of the characters in this movie, watch
So this is where Luis is at during the events of Endgame.
Ashley Gossett
Ashley Gossett:
So I'm goin to see a movie today and I've narrowed it down to this, The Boy 2, and The Lodge, anyone seen these movies and have recommendations on which is best? Lol
Arr Ziz
Arr Ziz:
As adequately interesting as the trailer is, I can’t help but think that this is an SNL sketch waiting to happen.
Wine Soup
Wine Soup:
Bully from high school tied to a chair......

Voice from speaker: "Got anything to say?"
Me: "Yes, where's my popcorn?"
Red devil's
Red devil's:
"I'm your friend John cena big arm cames out"😂😂
99% talking about 7 rings being in a horror movie.

1% wow this trailer is great.
G C:
"The Plane. It's Here." What the hell is that?

De Plane De Plane is legendary.
Dorian Grey
Dorian Grey:
Did everyone with an original idea in hollyweird die ten years ago?
Anita J in FLA
Anita J in FLA:
So much for Mr. Roark's..."Smiles, everyone. Smiles!"

Tatoo got a bit twisted with Mr. Roark.

Dr plane! Dr plane! Bring it back....
Typical Kiwi
Typical Kiwi:
Who else saw this and just thought of Aria from Pretty Little Liars? Just me? Oh... okay...
pita girl
pita girl:
They showed way to much of the movie in this preview.
Shaurya K
Shaurya K:
I always thought '7 rings' was kinda eerie.

FANTASY ISLAND proved that.
I love how the childhood bully in this film is played by the same girl who bullied Carrie in Carrie by pulling the prank with the pigs blood. Just seems cool because of how iconic the prom scene in Carrie is and it was all because of a bully
Yikes, way to miss the whole point of that series
Andrei 9T2
Andrei 9T2:
Just saw it, the end plot seemd really mediocre :(
A. Shuntele
A. Shuntele:
The girl bullies her in school but now since she is tied to a chair she suddenly says girls were friends 👫!!!😆😆😆😂 uhh noo sis ✋🏽
Dive Dodge
Dive Dodge:
This feels like a ripoff of the dead island videogame.
Andrew Meier
Andrew Meier:
the hidden sequel to truth or dare: she dares these people to take a trip to a remote island get away, but they didn't know what it had in store...
“The plane! It’s here.” That’s it? That’s all we get?
Red Devil9
Red Devil9:
No point in watching it now. Ruined the whole thing with that trailer.
mark solomon
mark solomon:
So this is what happened to Dora’s dad after he explored. lol

(wot?) didnt expect that this is supposed to be that funny. Thanks for the thousand likes. It's my first time, tho
Destroyers Black Desert Online
Destroyers Black Desert Online:
I know this plot, they will go to Mordor to throw ring into volcano
Just because someone’s wandering doesn’t mean he’s lost.
1:34 🧡
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🖤
This movie gonna change the feels when I hear 7 rings lol
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson:
When is Blumhouse gonna do a horror movie reboot of "The Love Boat" ?
Daniel John
Daniel John:
2:04 i thought I was watching Lost
Cåprice Pörtia
Cåprice Pörtia:
Literally watching this in a sec, love the twist of tourturing your enemies and bullies.
N.E.W. N.E.W
N.E.W. N.E.W:
Omg Lucy hale is so beautiful in brown and blonde hair 😩😩😩❤️Love her ❤️
Raegan Moore
Raegan Moore:
It’s so corny omg half of it scary and really good and the ending just is like really¿ I expected a lot more horror and it’s more of a cheesy happy ending
Brandon Lkhagva
Brandon Lkhagva:
If my elevator door opens and it says Blumhouse, i’m not getting off the elevator 🤪🤪🤪
Daniel Maldonado
Daniel Maldonado:
“Smiles everyone... smiles!”
This is so luck amazing I am really waiting, with the 7 rings from Ariana grande, this is very cool
Gani Mulyana
Gani Mulyana:
Hallo orang Indonesia...
Selamat anda, menemukkan komen Bahasa Indonesia...
7 Rings Ariana Grande :'v
Jonas Pell
Jonas Pell:
My fantasy involving Twopack is to be the one who gunned him down
Sam Cawley
Sam Cawley:
A dark take on Fantasy Island already exists, it's called The Man With The Golden Gun
Cabin in the woods: Island edition
el _rm
el _rm:
Watched it yesterday and it's so good
Danielle Spah
Danielle Spah:
When seven rings started playing I was very very confused
KFJ68 agent
KFJ68 agent:
Michael Pena looks like a good choice but what's next- Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie Rampage with a Taylor Swift theme song!🤣🤣🤣
Osher Baruh
Osher Baruh:
That 2Pac mention😍
I'd rather watch the reruns of the olf t.v. show...🙄🤷🏻‍♂️
It's so crazy that nobody in her school or home said anything when Lucy hale was banging her high school teacher in pretty little liars. Everybody was really ok with it lol.
spoiler alert: it is not going as they planned
Brian Sanguenza
Brian Sanguenza:
Never Imagine 7 Rings can be that suspense it so fit 💙💙
M Light
M Light:
*plane crashes*
"I want it, I got it"
Giods Ades
Giods Ades:
Who else was confused through the whole trailer?
Kevin Tyler
Kevin Tyler:
This looks like trash with trash acting shot in a landfill of trash
C Taylor
C Taylor:
They really turned 7 Rings into a song for a scary movie😂
Gdashfan13 GD
Gdashfan13 GD:
I watched this movie 👋👋👋👋 I love it! Totally watch it. (not spoiling btw)
Jem Rick Morales
Jem Rick Morales:
I love how the music editor or whosoever editing the song and turn it into the different level
This looks expensive considering it's Blumhouse
carlson 34-7
carlson 34-7:
For a second I thought this was Stranger Things when her nose bleed
Patrick Alexander
Patrick Alexander:
Blumhouses' next horror project: The Love Boat
Cinderelli beatmeup
Cinderelli beatmeup:
when the audio is “7 rings”
Δανάη Αρσενίδου
Δανάη Αρσενίδου:
*Lucy Hale and 7 rings is just a YASSSS*
Laurent Picone
Laurent Picone:
loved the 70's series with the late Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize. This is far from the original one.
Christopher Cervantes
Christopher Cervantes:
0:33 “The Plane.. It’s here!”
Who knew Ariana's 7 rings could be so creepy
Kristina Greig
Kristina Greig:
Wow... I can't wait to see what happens when they decide to make a "Touched by an Angel" movie. I suspect it would look a lot like Constantine by the time it was over.
The saying of “be careful what you wish for” is from Dolls Eye
Suicidal Angels
Suicidal Angels:
1:08 she Sounded like Selena Gomez...
King Noah
King Noah:
I thought the start of the music was house og gold from TØP LOL
Indigo Rosenberg
Indigo Rosenberg:
her fantasy: revenge on a bully
my fantasy: a room filled with macaroni
Loved this movie! Honestly happy I saw it and didn't listen to the reviews.
Klaudia Parulska
Klaudia Parulska:
And I can’t find anywhere where they’re playing it. I thought it’s supposed to be 14th feb???