Intel lowers the price of its A750 graphics and improves its performance by 43% through drivers

Intel lowers the price of its A750 graphics and improves its performance by 43% through drivers

The hardware manufacturer releases new drivers for this model that significantly improve its performance at 1080p both in older APIs and in modern video games.

 A750 graphics and improves its performance by 43%

At the end of last year, Intel finally launched its first desktop graphics for gaming, a product highly anticipated by many gamers who wanted a new rival to join NVIDIA and AMD, especially in the input and medium ranges to which they have targeted the first Intel GPUs.

The beginning of the life of these graphics was somewhat problematic, not because of the “brute force” of the hardware of these Intel Arc, but because of problems derived from the software and its drivers that have hindered their performance during their first months of life, something that perhaps could be expected in an Intel debut product in the sector.

Intel itself already recognized at the time a phenomenon that might seem strange to some, and that is that its GPUs worked better with the most recent games that use the DirectX12 or Vulkan APIs and worse with older games using the DirectX9 or 10 APIs.  

Something that they have been solving little by little, especially thanks to their latest drivers of which there were already rumors last week.

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Some drivers that significantly improve the performance of Intel Arc graphics

A few hours ago, Intel announced the launch of some new drivers that will improve the performance of its graphics to play, particularly that of the Intel Arc A750, a GPU designed to compete in the mid-range with the NVIDIA RTX 3060 and that sees as now its performance improves significantly.

According to Intel itself, in video games with the DirectX9 API, the performance jump is up to 43% on average in different titles, making these texts at 1080p and in Ultra.

In the worst case, we find a growth of 10% in titles like Guild Wars 2 and the best case an increase of up to 77% in video games like CS: GO, all thanks to the new drivers in which the problems have been fixed and bottlenecks with this API.

But, beyond this jump in performance in older games, Intel also points out that as a general rule, they have also improved the performance of the A750 in more modern titles, and although this time they do not give specific data, they do point to small increases in titles like Dying Light 2 or Red Dead Redemption 2 in addition to a more stable FPS rate.

More performance and lower price

To all that we must add that they have also decided to lower the price of the Inter Arc A750, which goes from costing $279 in its Limited Edition created by Intel to a price of $249. it is not a very big discount but It’s a move that some players will surely appreciate in these times of inflation. By the way, we will update this news as soon as we have an answer.

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