The Dying Light saga exceeds 30 million copies sold

The Dying Light saga exceeds 30 million copies sold

Techland hints that it could have adaptations to other media while they work on their next project, an action RPG in a fantasy universe.

Dying Light saga

Techland has confirmed that the total sales of the Dying Light saga amount to 30 million copies and has recalled its intention to develop a new open-world license that will be set in a new fantasy. Last year, when an illustration was presented, there was talk of action role-playing

The Polish studio has granted an interview to Wccftech in which Paweł Marchewka, founder and president of the Polish studio, reveals the sales figures for Dying Light, Dying Light: The Following, and Dying Light 2, released a year ago.

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“The 30 million copies confirm the enormous trust and commitment of our gaming community. There is no greater motivation for entertainment creators. 

It is fuel for the whole team for continuing to support Dying Light, but also the great work of creating our new open world in a fantasy universe”.

This project was first mentioned in 2016. The studio has some developers from CD Projekt RED who worked on The Witcher 3, and Marchewka says it will be a “very different license from what we’ve done in recent years.

We want to create a next-generation experience. A new epic fantasy in a vast world designed with the skills and experiences learned over the years, plus new ideas, passion, and creativity. We can’t give more details right now, but we’re waiting to show it at the right time.”

They leave the door open to adaptations in other media

Oleg Klapovskiy, the editorial director also appreciates the support of the fans but gives a hint of possible film or series adaptations: “We have ambitious plans not only to further develop and support the game but also to expand it to other media.”

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