Justin Bieber - Changes (Lyrics)

Justin Bieber Changes Album Lyrics Changes Tracklist: Justin Bieber - All Around Me (Lyrics) Justin Bieber - Habitual (Lyrics) Justin Bieber - Come Around Me (Lyrics) Justin Bieber - Intentions (feat. Quavo) (Lyrics) Justin Bieber - Yummy (Lyrics) Justin Bieber - Available (Lyrics) Justin Bieber - Forever (feat. Post Malone & Clever) (Lyrics) Justin Bieber - Running Over (feat. Lil Dicky) (Lyrics) Justin Bieber - Take It Out On Me (Lyrics) Justin Bieber - Second Emotion (feat. Travis Scott) (Lyrics) Justin Bieber - Get Me (feat. Kehlani) (Lyrics) Justin Bieber - E.T.A. (Lyrics) Justin Bieber - Changes (Lyrics) Justin Bieber - Confirmation (Lyrics) Justin Bieber - That's What Love Is (Lyrics) Justin Bieber - At Least For Now (Lyrics) Justin Bieber - Yummy (Summer Walker Remix) (Lyrics) justin bieber,justin bieber yummy,justin bieber lyrics,justin bieber intentions,bieber,yummy justin bieber,justin bieber wedding,justin bieber changes,hailey bieber,justin bieber interview,intentions justin bieber,yummy lyrics justin bieber,yummy justin bieber lyrics,justin bieber yummy lyrics,justin bieber intentions lyrics,new justin bieber,justin bieber new song,justin bieber seasons,justin bieber new album

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G R:
Couples: Celebrating Valentine's with each other
Singles: Celebrating Valentine's watching JB's songs
Flash Playzz
Flash Playzz:
Anyone noticed the mistake at 0:19?
After "Even though sometimes..."
Thuingamliu Kamson
Thuingamliu Kamson:
Going through changes with Jesus
Jannatul Islam
Jannatul Islam:
Who's a bieber fan hit a like if you want to.
Jenie sg
Jenie sg:
People change circumstances change but God always remains the same 💜
Jumaana Musa
Jumaana Musa:
WOWS hits hard, the pain is evident in his voice and the lyrics man. "I'm going through changes" signifying his long struggle, "Don't mean that I've changed" meaning that even though he might be acting different, being different and seems like a changed, different Justin, he's still the same pure Justin deep inside.
I genuinely hope you could get better and won't have to suffer as much/anymore.
Believe Jay
Believe Jay:
Billie asked to stream changes so here I am.
Abdulrehman swati
Abdulrehman swati:
When a boy hits puberty:
Hammad Tarar
Hammad Tarar:
What a speeeeeed of making lyrics vediooo 🤍
When I’m perfect and best in the class people come round me.
When I’m getting low they think I’ve really changed. It’s doesn’t mean that I’ve changed.

I wanna say that I just like to be me whatever I do I know.
Mathews Varughese
Mathews Varughese:
Who's here bfr million views°°!!!!!
i relate to the lyrics doe
Andrea I.C.
Andrea I.C.:
the lyrics are wrong on some parts
Jyotsana Bohara
Jyotsana Bohara:
Best 4 me ....
U r not changed JB .I can still see the old JB inside u .☺☺
Acordi S.
Acordi S.:
The beginning i thought i clicked the wrong song lol (boyfriend acoustic)
Angelina Rodriguez
Angelina Rodriguez:
Damn!!!😐 It's soooo relatable❤️❤️
Rouss ly
Rouss ly:
Hay un error en la letra cuando dice “I forget to breathe” y debería de ser “We might disagree” pero igual me gusto. LIKE SI TAMBIÉN TE DISTE CUENTA DEL EROR 😄
Imashi Kottachchi
Imashi Kottachchi:
Just imagine Jungkook doing a cover for this
Nashad Omar
Nashad Omar:
0:20 mistake oops
Fadi Terro
Fadi Terro:
That was so fast hahhaha
Mary jane Mosa
Mary jane Mosa:
this song really mean Justine's life. I know he's been through a lot and struggling for the things he doesn't want to be but he fight his battle and I know he will gonna win bcs He embrace the God's love for him. God bless You Justine and We'll be praying your full recovery.
Nayden R
Nayden R:
There is a bit mistake in the lyrics in the second line of first pre:chorus
Jinu samyuktha p
Jinu samyuktha p:
Nice song!!!...but I don't know why I am getting the feel of the song love you 3000 by Stephanie Poetri
Ghada Al Adwan
Ghada Al Adwan:
I'm a belieber since 2011 i have been supporting justin through the whole journey there was happy moments and rough moments and it was so hard for me to see him like this but now seeing him changes for better makes me so happy ❤ i'm so proud of him 🙏
Mary Miller
Mary Miller:
Justin Bieber you are such a beautiful singer! I wanna be in one of your videos one days! I agree with you God always remains the same! I love God!😀❤
Sofia Lukins
Sofia Lukins:
You're here on Feb 14 2020
Before anyone else
Thumbs up👆
And like 😄
truth hurts
truth hurts:
You're back honestly I had missed the old you with zero drama .......cheers.....
Nesrine Chann
Nesrine Chann:
I just wanna be the best for me💌💙😍
Victoria Perez
Victoria Perez:
I love ur new song Justin Bieber and live it so much it made cry the first time I heard ur song I live u Justin💖😍😘
Zainn Debbarma
Zainn Debbarma:
I completely relate to this song❤
Bitti Tebrikler
Bitti Tebrikler:
Sometimes I smile like it's all good even though there's pain underneath it.. 😭
Mirabel Kuug
Mirabel Kuug:
My gosh. Don't even know what to say. I'm going through changes😍
Bramble Berry
Bramble Berry:
I came here to check what TWICE CHAENG excited about JB latest album (changes)..
Lizzo 710
Lizzo 710:
Changes with God
kusampally naveen
kusampally naveen:
The lyric was incorrect at 0:21 point.
Hazar Ly
Hazar Ly:
Omg I Love this ♥️
it's your boy Yug Chavda
it's your boy Yug Chavda:
For I'm going to changes 🎧 mood 😇
kadum tatak D J Kadum
kadum tatak D J Kadum:
so good......🤩🤩🤩🤩i m here after 6 hour.....and i know i m late.....so srry but the song is perfect
Tyler Ghamil kane
Tyler Ghamil kane:
👑>Fire Wavy Tune🔥🔥🔥👁
Beautiful ❤️
Darshanaa Mooney
Darshanaa Mooney:
We still love u Justin ❤😔
K T:
this is my favorite
Otaku Scarlet
Otaku Scarlet:
nathalie tabato
nathalie tabato:
Changes my life Jesus 🥰🥰🥰😍
April 🥀Rose
April 🥀Rose:
As someone with chronic neurological disorder, I feel Justin on a while different level. Keep healing!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙
MaG πutorial
MaG πutorial:
Was this answer of salena Gomez " lose to love you"
Justin"circumstances change people changes"
RC Singers
RC Singers:
I am going through changeeees
Wow u are so fast..thank u♥️
abril valencia
abril valencia:
I just wanna be the best me ,, even though sometimes I forget to breath 😪😪💜
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat:
I still prefer yummy
Roxcy Gomez
Roxcy Gomez:
JB I love you ... You are still angel for me ... 😍😍😍😍😘😘😚😘😊😊😊😊
Malina Morales
Malina Morales:
Jeez only 18k veiws right now...what getting up early for work does
Mudasar Naeem
Mudasar Naeem:
🌺🌺🌺Lots of lov Justin, frm Pakistan! !!🌺🌺🌼
We all lov yo😍😍😍
ingyin zaw
ingyin zaw:
Sometimes I smile like it's all good
Munni Nisha
Munni Nisha:
That's what my life is going through
Zalsa Bunny
Zalsa Bunny:
Bieber and the lyrics are perfect but its tone hmm.. but it's okay, the lyrics are so relate for meeee 🥺
Mulugojam Yalew
Mulugojam Yalew:
His voice like angel
Susmita crush
Susmita crush:
Woooooooow back to back 3 songs of justin
Fernando Maldonando
Fernando Maldonando:
Love y’all
Warisha Azhar
Warisha Azhar:
Moeaki Punou
Moeaki Punou:
Sounds like ‘Southside’ by Lloyd
Aly Kim
Aly Kim:
This so fast
Diferd wuri
Diferd wuri:
stop makes comment as memes,let's appreciate the song
Zai Tha Par Sakhong
Zai Tha Par Sakhong:
Im going through chances
Dont mean that i’ve changed
콜 림보줄리엣
콜 림보줄리엣:
I come here when i saw twice chaeyoung posted that on IG☺️
nathalie tabato
nathalie tabato:
My life 🤗🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Phumla Lungelo
Phumla Lungelo:
#1 Belieber fan ,no matter what you goin' through Justin the lord got you by his side. Lot's of love...
komal chang
komal chang:
Sharon Dias Nachon
Sharon Dias Nachon:
People change, circumstances change but GOD alone remains the Same without any Change.
Osiris Sanchez
Osiris Sanchez:
Wrong lyrics!!!
Yvonne Theness
Yvonne Theness:
Mmmmm Justin up to the point of forgetting to breath
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman:
Quick work bro nice❤️
seagull legend
seagull legend:
I need jungkook to cover this
The Beng Boy
The Beng Boy:
The Chord charts:
Fmaj7-X8 10 9 10 8
Em7- X7976X
Dm7 - X5756X
Danny Rodriguez
Danny Rodriguez:
This hits hard😿😿😿😿
Akash Gami
Akash Gami:
Rajnic Singh
Rajnic Singh:
he is a depressed case
Zineb Babes
Zineb Babes:
, ذنوب سيلينا يا عيوني
ji Ma
ji Ma:
Khushi Ojha
Khushi Ojha:
I like this very much.
Rizza Romero
Rizza Romero:
Fernanda Zanqui
Fernanda Zanqui:
A letra tá mei errada aí hein
Archana Jedia
Archana Jedia:
moha lazar
moha lazar:
Wow one from the ferst comentes❤❤❤
Amanda Kaps
Amanda Kaps:
I love the song
Hailey Major
Hailey Major:
I have been a belieber since I was 4 I won't ever stop I will be one no matter what u go through
Sana Kauser
Sana Kauser:
Oh my god 🥺🥺
I m crying
This can't be any better
Basically I d0 RaNd0M WoRk!
Basically I d0 RaNd0M WoRk!:
U can never be like xxx
Fabiana Cabral
Fabiana Cabral:
Haile Rayn
Haile Rayn:
I’m taken but long distance..😍
Ishika DALAL
Ishika DALAL:
rida fahad
rida fahad:
darshan kuwalekar
darshan kuwalekar:
Angelica Alba
Angelica Alba:
you cool man
M.S Suting
M.S Suting:
Yummy to intentions then to changes. Luv u JUSTIN,I'm waiting for your new song
Saral Kushwaha
Saral Kushwaha: