TOP 5 Food Nutrition Trends for 2022

TOP 5 Food Nutrition Trends for 2022

Food and nutrition fads have been taking over the media for years, but what nutrition trends can we expect in 2022? Public communications and Today’s Dietitian released the 10th annual What’s trending in Nutrition survey, where one registered nutritionist predicted what to expect in health trends in 2022.

Food Nutrition Trends for 2022

They agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted food and nutrition trends, such as online food shopping and the popularity of immune-enhancing foods. 

And they’re likely here to stay, meaning that health and immunity will be the biggest trend in the next decade that changes in the food industry and innovation. So let’s take a closer look at five major trends for 2022.

1- Plantbased eating

The plant-based eating trend isn’t new, but it’s sticking around in 2022. Plant-based eating means prioritizing plant foods, specifically minimally processed fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds. 

This way of eating lets you meet your nutritional needs, but don’t take it the wrong way. You don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to follow this trend. 

You can enjoy a plant-based diet with lean meat or fish on the side of fresh vegetables. 

The main point is to make the most of your plate, which is at least 50% from plants. We find the interest in a plant-based diet exciting since registered nutritionists have been trying to get Americans to eat more fruits and vegetables for years. So maybe it’s time to hop on this trend. 

2- Immune-supporting food

Number two immune-supporting functional food Innovations the popularity of products and supplements that support the immune system rose dramatically given the situation of a worldwide pandemic. 

so no doubt that nutrient-dense options will be an important part of people’s diets. To put it simply, they’ll embrace food as medicine to help prevent disease.

Registered dietitians agreed that while immune health will continue to be on the top of the list in consumer purchasing, other factors such as convenience, health, and taste will also dictate buying behavior. 

Consumers will also look for functional food innovations, such as the use of cannabis via CBD and edibles and tinctures, collagen, and hemp. 

This data supports the findings of the International Food Information Council survey. It found that consumers are increasingly interested in food and beverages that support immunity, as well as products made with CBD. 

3- Healthy snack

Convenient healthy snack options. 95% of registered nutritionists agreed that consumers are snacking more, which even exceeds data from September’s International Food Information Council survey. 

It found that 36% of American consumers have increased their snacking habits since the pandemic began. 

Snacking became a way to seek comfort, and the convenience of working from home made them easily accessible.

In the new year, more healthy snack options will come out, including superfoods. Nutritionists noted these foods to be the top ten to watch in 2022. Take a screenshot and make it count. 

4- High fat

Low Carb Diets nutritionists are most surprised by the shift in diet culture. The trends of fat-free diets have come and gone. But the high fat, low-carb diets, such as the Keto Diet, are likely here to stay in 2022. 

The Keto diet is not new, especially among those looking to kickstart a new healthy eating program. The staggering volume of Google searches for Keto snack options indicates continuing consumer interest and convenient Keto-friendly eating choices. 

5- Intermittent fasting

Five intermittent fastings. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, you name it. We’re taken over with videos on how various people lost unwanted pounds by doing intermittent fasting. Beware. 

You’re likely to see this trend in 2022 as well, and Health Insider is not an exception. 

If you’re ready to jump on this intermittent fasting train, you need to evaluate if this eating method is right for you. 

There are loads of fasting methods, and before screaming, count me in, and consult with your doctor to get the personalized care you deserve. 

If you want to find out more about intermittent fasting, watch the article. Eight benefits of intermittent fasting and intermittent Fasting for weight loss.

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