Top Health and Wellness Trends 2022

Top Health and Wellness Trends 2022

Health and wellness trends look a little bit like this. So this is all about home beauty. And I love this trend because we have so many gadgets and devices that we can do right in the comfort of our homes, rather than run to the dermatologist.

 Health and Wellness Trends

1- Infrared mask

So stimulating collagen, a red light mask, Helps to bring blood flow to the face, relaxing the face. 

I know you guys have had those stressful days where you’re just tired, and you’re scrunching, and you’re angry, and you want to do all of this, but these things, whether it’s a red light mask or the eye mask, really help to improve all of that. 

In addition to that, some of these are gaining traction. And I love that because I’ve been studying Eastern medicine for such a long time.

But this is a jade roller. And again, it can be refrigerated, or you can do it at room temperature and try to sort of relieving the pressure in the face. Right? The tension in the face. 

And the instructions here are easy. Maybe five minutes in the morning, five minutes at night. Improve circulation to the face. So many people are loving that. That everyone is finding out about it. 

Also, from Eastern Medicine. And again, look at the angle here. It’s there for a reason. Again, really to dig into these pressure points.

Really to dig into these pressure points and loosen them up so we can get more blood flow throughout the face. 

The face, by the way, is its energy system, its meridian system, and in systems of medicine like Chinese medicine and ayurvedic medicine, each point in the face corresponds to something in the body. 

These are not isolated entities by any means. That’s where facial acupuncture really does a good job of understanding that and even treating that. 

For example, I don’t know if you know, and I love facial acupuncture, by the way. I do it on a repetitive basis. So, again, the understanding of how the face represents the body, and how the body is all connected. Eastern beauty rituals are becoming mainstream. 

I’ve been doing cosmetic and facial acupuncture on myself and my clients for years. And it’s so simple. We have these tiny little acupuncture needles, but at every point of insertion, let’s say you want to insert them across the forehead.

so we’re treating other areas of the body. However, please make sure you do it with an acupuncturist. You don’t try this at home all by yourself. All right? 

2-Home beauty trend

I think that’s a big one for 2022. What else do we have? Well, natural sort of period care products, right? We’re all getting away from the chemicals, from the synthetic. 

I love that brands like Real are coming out with organic, more cotton-based things that work with the body rather than against the body. 

So even when we’re on our cycle, we are doing things that help us, and don’t hurt us. So that’s another big trend for 2022. 

3- lymphatics 

This network of sort of the best way to think of it is vessels throughout the body that filter toxins, move fluid through, help clean out our organs, but oftentimes get sluggish because we’re sitting all the time, or we’re eating foods that are toxic or we’re exposed to a high amount of toxins. 

Well, lymphatic drainage is a thing. Everything from lymphatic massage to sort of circulating your lymphatics by turning upside-down vibrating plates.

You guys have seen some of the stuff, but you can dry brush, which is a way for you to manage your lymphatics on your own at home. Super simple. Get in the shower, and use your lymphatic dry brush to slowly stroke.

You want to stroke kind of identical movements up towards the heart and then back away from the heart. You can do the whole body, literally takes maybe under ten minutes every single day and does make a difference.

4- Collagen

Other health and wellness trends for 2022. Collagen. Right. Kind of in the beauty category, but also the gut category. Also in the protein category, because protein is a thing. 

But again, the use of collagen helps seal and heal the gut lining and also pump up a little bit, right? Getting good skin, and good hair, are all a big part of the beauty trends and health and wellness trends in general. 

A scoop a day, I developed my collagen low, which has about 5 grams of protein per scoop, has hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and then again, 

I infused it with the Eastern herbs Omela and goji berry too, again, giving us extra vitamin C, more vitality, and better blood flow overall. So it becomes a beauty powder, not just a gut powder. 

You guys have been doing some mushrooms. We were joking about this last night, by the way, seeing anyone sitting around, like, just doing some troops. 

But I’m assuming most of you are not doing that because you’re trying to protect your brain to a certain extent. But mushrooms do have a lot of health benefits, and we’re using more mushrooms in all kinds of ways. 

We know that they have immune protection. They do help cognitive health as well, and they even play a role in hormone health and libido. 

So we’re seeing mushrooms infused in everything in our coffee and oils and essential oils and so much more.

5- Mask

Another big trend for 2022. So whether you want to wear a mask, use organic cotton products for your period. 

Try some home beauty rituals like Guasha or Jade Roller, or see your local acupuncturist for facial acupuncture. Or just drink a cup of mushroom coffee. 

You will be on track with the health and wellness trends for this year and hopefully on your way to a better you.

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