AI applications that are replacing Microsoft Office programs

AI applications that are replacing Microsoft Office programs

The popularity of ChatGPT has reopened the debate on the limits of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Its ability to simplify research and writing tasks, among others, has made it such a popular option that in a few days it has exceeded its capacity.

AI applications that are replacing Microsoft

That’s why Internet users are looking for more applications that complement this tool. And they have found them.

Through a Twitter thread, Carlos Fenellosa CEO of Optimus Price, an AI-based software, revealed the six applications that can help you simplify your daily tasks and even replace Microsoft Office tools such as PowerPoint.

1. Stable diffusion: The generation of images is one of the strengths of Stable diffusion that are generated automatically. They are of high quality and are created from any text.

2. This Google Sheets plugin prepares the formulas and analyzes the data easily. It just needs to be installed and it will run automatic scans.

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3. Beautiful.: This application generates the presentations. With templates that are created from a few indications, it facilitates the design process when presenting reports or information in this format.

“We’ve packed our presentation builder with tons of smart templates to choose from, making it easy to get started, finished, and impressing in no time,” they describe on his page.

4. Github Copilot: Creating a program is easier using this app. It’s not 100% perfect, but it simplifies the process.

5. Poised is an AI-based communication coach that empowers you to speak with confidence and clarity. It is a tool that strengthens communication skills.

How Chat GPT works

ChatGPT is a conversation system that is trained to maintain fluent conversations on any topic. It has been so successful that alternative projects have been created based on this AI.

It is also a model with more than 175 million parameters, and its training consisted of large amounts of text. That means that it can translate and also to generate text.

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