AI to predict critical attitudes in nursing homes: Navarra seeks solutions in the market

AI to predict critical attitudes in nursing homes: Navarra seeks solutions in the market

Through a process of Public Purchase of Innovation, the regional government wants to find disruptive technology applicable to healthcare.

More and more regional public administrations entrust the search for technological solutions to day-to-day problems to a process of Public Procurement of Innovation (CPI).

AI to predict critical attitudes

The Public Purchase of Innovation (CPI) is a tool to promote innovation from the public sector by encouraging companies to develop innovation to meet the needs of the administration.

Within the PPI two modalities consist, on the one hand, in the acquisition of the innovation process –research and development services– with partial results and, on the other, in the purchase of the results of the innovation created by others.

In any case, both the consultation processes for needs and available solutions make it easier for the industrial sector to develop new products and services with greater potential for commercial viability.

All in all, it is evident that public-private collaboration is already a fact and an almost inalienable reality to carry out projects based on innovation that can be scaled up and applied in matters such as street cleaning or, as in the case at hand, the care of our elderly in residences.

It is the Foral Community of Navarra that has recently initiated a PPI process, preceded by a Preliminary Consultation to the Market, which is still in force at the moment and which closes its term on March 17.

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The government of Navarra, through the departments of Social Rights and University, Innovation and Digital Transformation, has reiterated that through this consultation proposals are sought that respond to one of the challenges identified by the Observatory of Social Reality, of Planning and the Evaluation of Social Policies of the Government of Navarra, on the development and implementation of technology for the detection and prevention of critical behaviors in healthcare centers.

In this way, with the call for this Preliminary Market Consultation, the government of Navarra will be able to find out the level of maturity of the existing solutions, as well as the capacity and feasibility of the project, in order to subsequently prepare a well-oriented tender based on principles of transparency and equality.

In the context of this consultation, a few days ago more than twenty companies and organizations from all over the country participated in an information session on the consultation.

During this informative day, together with the interested companies and entities, it was possible to establish the bases of this procedure with which proposals are sought that respond to one of the challenges identified by the Observatory of Social Reality of the government of Navarra, thanks to the development of the RETOS project, an initiative awarded at the European Innovation Procurement Awards.

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The session was attended by the Minister of Social Rights, Mª Carmen Maeztu, and the Minister of University, Innovation, and Digital Transformation, Juan Cruz Cigudosa.

During her speech, the counselor Maeztu pointed out that “if we want to take another step in the process of improving the lives of residents and caregivers, we must adopt innovative solutions to the problems we face.”

For this reason, he highlighted the importance of the interdepartmental work that is being carried out and that “it will allow us to be more efficient and effective in care.”

In the same way, the director Cigudosa thanked the participating companies for their “commitment and sensitivity” to one of the most vulnerable groups in society and stressed the importance of this process of Public Purchase of Innovation, a pioneer in Navarra.

“This project – he said – is based on the pillars of transparency, participation, and public-private collaboration with the aim of making a difference and improving innovatively, the quality of life of those who need us the most”.

The possible solution

Likewise, the conference also included the participation of the general director of the Observatory of Social Reality, Planning, and Evaluation of Social Policies, Txerra García de Eulate as well as the general director of Innovation, Agurtzane Martínez.

The objective of this preliminary market consultation is to address, it should be remembered, the challenge of critical behavior in people with communication difficulties.

According to the promoters of this process, “sometimes, these people cannot express their needs, which makes it difficult for the caring staff to guarantee their well-being.

As a result, they may manifest behaviors that affect their quality of life and other residents. However, with the use of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is possible to anticipate them.”

The San José Comprehensive Care Center for Disability in Pamplona has been selected to implement this technological and innovative solution. This residential center offers comprehensive care to adults with severely affected intellectual disabilities who require specialized treatment and ongoing rehabilitation to prevent their deterioration.

As they explain from the center, given that some of these people have difficulties communicating their needs, the caring staff can anticipate or understand what happens to them.

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300,000 euros

“However, in the absence of their usual caregiver, it is difficult to know their demands and needs. For this reason, it is essential to find a technological solution that allows anticipating and preventing disruptive behaviors and behaviors that may affect the quality of life of residents and the caregivers”, they remark.

The call, available both on the CPI web space of the government of Navarra and on its contracting portal within the Preliminary Consultations to the Market section, is open and is addressed to natural or legal persons, public or private, who may present several proposals individually or jointly with other natural or legal persons.

Those interested in participating must complete a form with information about their solution and its characteristics and may express their proposals through questionnaires. Once the term is closed, the government of Navarra will analyze the proposals and issue a report with the non-confidential information collected.

The budget for solving the challenge is 300,000 euros and is part of the investments provided for in the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan through the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism of European funds.

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