AI will also help you find a job: job offers related to this area grow by 31%

AI will also help you find a job: job offers related to this area grow by 31%

Madrid and Barcelona published 403 and 398 job offers respectively. Among all the companies, Apple stands out, which offers most of its positions in the Catalan capital and for the development of Siri.

AI Engineer, Data Scientist AI, or AI Labeler are some profiles that have appeared in recent times. And blunt. 

AI will also help you find a job

According to the data managed by InfoJobs through its Job Market Insights tool, job offers related to Artificial Intelligence registered an increase of 31% in 2022 compared to the previous year, reaching almost 1,500 publications in total.

Process automation, the metaverse, or AI are some of the aspects that have gained the greatest prominence after the pandemic. And now ChatGPT has turned the sector even further by becoming the tool of the moment. How far can Artificial Intelligence go then?

The statistics show that AI is taking off. Mónica Pérez, InfoJobs’ Director of Communication and Studies, said: “Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize business, offering creative solutions that can alter how organizations operate and use their resources. 

However, it would be incorrect to believe that this technology can take the place of human skill.

She continues, “There are occupations that might change or even vanish, but many more will also be created. In any case, there must always be a strong emphasis on the human component.

Professionals linked to AI

In the last year, some of the professionals that have been most in demand by companies in the field of Artificial Intelligence are the following:

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • Annotation Analyst
  • AI Labeler
  • AI Data Scientist
  • Researcher in Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Vision Programmer
  • Lead AI Programmer
  • Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision Technician
  • Artificial Intelligence Consultant

Among all the companies, Apple stands out, which offers most of its positions in Barcelona and for the development of its voice assistant based on artificial intelligence, Siri. 

By localities, Madrid (403) and Barcelona (398) are the ones with the highest number of publications, although Valencia, Seville, and Bilbao also stand out.

Not all are tech positions

Finally, the presence in the list of job offers that require philologists, teachers of different languages, or lawyers is relevant (legal expert – AI services for classifying legal documents; Legal advisor – applied Artificial Intelligence services; Privacy Policy Manager IA).

This phenomenon is explained because new technologies are valuing the ability to think critically and provide a human and ethical perspective, which provides great job opportunities for professions related to philosophy, education, ethics, and law.

The development of Artificial Intelligence already demands the existence of mixed teams that combine the most technical or programming part with humanistic knowledge in philology and linguistics -to help machines manage language correctly- and in legislation or ethics to guarantee rights and correct use.

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