Did Burger King change its community manager for artificial intelligence?

Did Burger King change its community manager for artificial intelligence?

The food chain in Colombia assured that it will thus bet on technological innovation.

The American fast food chain, based in Colombia, Burger King, surprised the followers of its Instagram a couple of days ago with an announcement:

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“Given the great advances in technology and the millions of online tools to create content, we have decided to replace our Community manager with a new intelligent alternative. Therefore, from tomorrow, February 22, 2023, we will renounce human intelligence to adopt artificial intelligence ”, reads said account.

The message in addition to being disruptive drew attention for imitating the credits of movies like ‘Star Wars’ and served as an expectation campaign.

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Indeed, since that day the publications of the said franchise have been generated by different Artificial Intelligence programs, so to promote a ‘hamburger on fire’ a photograph of the ingredients of this food appears on the animal as if it had been taken in DALL-E.

And when publishing an apple pie or pie, a human foot appears, for which Internet users have assured that it is a “great experiment”, but it has some aspects to improve.

In the end, Burger King managed to incorporate AI into its processes to make them more efficient, which is precisely one of the benefits of these technologies and while some applaud the initiative, others ask that the “flesh and blood” Community return.

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