Elon Musk changed the Twitter algorithm to make his tweets more viral

Elon Musk changed the Twitter algorithm to make his tweets more viral

The famous businessman Elon Musk began the purchase of shares of the American company Twitter, Inc. in January 2022, and in April he ended up becoming the company’s largest shareholder with a 9.1% ownership stake.

Elon Musk changed the Twitter algorithm

Elon Musk once again ordered changes to the Twitter algorithm. This time he has done it intending to show more of his messages after seeing the wide dissemination of the tweets of other personalities such as those of the President of the United States (Joe Biden).

During the Super Bowl, the president received more support in one of his publications and, consequently, as revealed by the specialized platform Platformer, during the game on Sunday, a tweet from US President Joe Biden about his support for the Philadelphia team. Eagles had more impact than a similar one from Musk, which led to an “urgency” request to fix it.

As a consequence, the billionaire demanded the modification of the dissemination method of his tweets to guarantee that they have higher dissemination than that of any user of the platform. With 128 million followers, Musk’s later-deleted tweet garnered 9.1 million impressions, compared to 29 million for Biden (with 37 million followers).

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The outlet claims that on the same Sunday, Musk flew to San Francisco and met with a group of 80 engineers who had been working all night to change the algorithm to give Musk’s tweets a thousand-fold increase in exposure, making them appear more important than other posts in the “feed” where posts are displayed.

Elon Musk as Twitter’s owner

James Musk, a relative of the businessman and a staff member at Twitter, allegedly wrote an internal message to the firm early on Sunday requesting anybody with coding skills to “fix this problem.

Similarly to this, Musk stated in December of last year that he would step down as CEO once he found a replacement and would then just be responsible for overseeing the “software” and server management teams.

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After paying $44 billion for Twitter late last year, Musk has cut off a large portion of the team. This week, he allegedly fired a senior programmer who informed him that the effect of his tweets had naturally decreased lose enthusiasm for him.

The new CEO of Twitter is amazing, assuring that the mascot is “far better than that other man!” He recently intimated through a post on the social network that the only person who can succeed him is a dog named Shiba, drawing hundreds of responses from his fans. More than 58,000 people have already retweeted and liked the article.

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