Elon Musk Reveals Robot at Tesla AI Day 2022

Elon Musk Reveals Robot at Tesla AI Day 2022

That is the first time we try this robot without any backup support cranes, mechanical mechanisms, no cables, and anything.

We’ll show you some videos now of the robot doing a bunch of other things. We wanted to show a little bit more about what we’ve done over the past few months with a bot and just walking around and dancing on stage.

Just humble beginnings. But you can see the Autopilot neural networks running as it’s just retrained for the bot directly on that new platform.

When you see a rendered view, that’s the world the robot sees. So it’s very clearly identifying objects.

We use the same process as we did for Autopilot to connect data and train your networks that we didn’t deploy on the robot.

That’s an example that illustrates the upper body a little bit more, something that we’ll try to nail down in a few months.

Over the next few months, I would say to perfection. And we actually have an Optimist Bot with fully Tesla designed and both actuators battery pack, control system, everything.

So here you’re saying Optimus with what’s?
So, the degrees of freedom that we expect to have in Optimist production unit One, which is the ability to move all the fingers independently, move the thumb, have two degrees of freedom.

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