France and eight other countries ask the EU to include nuclear hydrogen (low carbon) within the renewable objectives

They want to include all hydrogen from low-carbon sources within the objectives of the new renewables directive

Last year the European Union had it and it retained it with the inclusion of nuclear energy and gas in the green taxonomy of the EU. Now, the stakes are higher for countries that have nuclear power.

France and eight other countries ask the EU

France and eight other countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic) have sent a letter to the European Commission requesting that low-carbon hydrogen be included in the renewable targets.

They really want is to include the production of hydrogen from both renewable and nuclear energy (low carbon) within the renewable objectives that are the new renewables directive (Red III).

Not just renewables

According to them, the “exclusively renewable” targets could lose sight of the main goal of the EU, it’s greenhouse gas emissions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

That is why the signatory Member States advocate the development of low-carbon hydrogen without unnecessary delays or limitations and defend ambitious objectives for development.

The countries believe that Europe would lose competitiveness if it does not include low-carbon hydrogen compared to other powers like the US and that the possibility of developing hydrogen from a nuclear source should not be lost.

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