Google orders employees to embed their ChatGPT-like AI everywhere.

Google orders employees to embed their ChatGPT-like AI everywhere.

The success of Microsoft’s ChatGPT and Bing has forced Google to force use Artificial Intelligence in all its future products.

If someone told us a year ago that Google was not going to lead the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, we would think they were kidding. But the arrival of ChatGPT has changed everything, and at least for the end user, it is undeniable that Google is not the leader in AI.

employees to embed their ChatGPT

In just a couple of months, ChatGPT has changed a lot. It has gotten many people to start using Bing to the intelligent chat based on its technology and its creators, OpenAI is collaborating with companies like Discord to bring it to more products.

And what about Google? Officially, we have not heard more since Google Bard was presented, the ‘chatbot’ that fulfills the same functions as ChatGPT, and that came with some controversy due to the failures it showed in its presentation. But internally, the company is working at a forced march.

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Bloomberg has revealed that Google has published an internal directive addressed to its teams, in which it requires them to use generative Artificial Intelligence in all the products that they are going to launch in the coming months; That’s the kind of AI found in ChatGPT, Bard, and other systems capable of generating content based on user commands, such as text or images.

employees to embed their ChatGPT

The directive comes from above and has to do with the “code red” that the company initiated in response to the release of ChatGPT; Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet, asked founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin for help, and the result has been this all-out bet on AI. Although not all members of the company are convinced.

According to an employee consulted by Bloomberg, at Google right now, there is a combination of high expectations and great insecurity about everything that has to do with AI. Something understandable, and if all this is nothing more than a fad? As was the metaverse, which is no longer a priority even for Mark Zuckerberg himself, who is now also focused on AI.

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Another Google+ case?

Google’s longest-serving employees remember all too well the last time the company sent them such a directive: with the launch of Google+.

The social network integrated more services and apps than it really made sense; even salary bonuses were associated with the development of functions for Google+. None of this prevented its resounding failure, being unable to convince users that this app was going to be the communication tool of the future.

Is Artificial Intelligence the new Google+? We’ll probably know more at the next Google I/O, where many of the projects now shoehorning AI are expected to be announced.

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