Google surprises and gives access to Bard, its ChatGPT-type AI, to some Pixel Superfans

Google surprises and gives access to Bard, its ChatGPT-type AI, to some Pixel Superfans

Although Bard’s presentation, Google’s ChatGTP-like AI, was not as expected, the American company is now sending an email to invite Pixel owners to try it out.

Google surprises and gives access to Bard

If among the Google engineers, there were a few laughs at Bard’s fateful presentation, it seems that the big G hasn’t cared much and is already preparing Bard’s arrival at the Pixels. Pixel Superfans will be the first to test this AI on a smartphone.

AI comes to smartphones

The big G has been in a hurry and these have not been good advisers, but she cannot waste a moment letting the competition, in this case, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, continue to eat up her ground.

That is when Google is bringing Bard to some of its Pixel Superfans. AI was announced in February without really knowing its arrival, although the company made it clear that it would test it through its Trusted Tester, a program for this type of testing.

Apart from that group, he has now sent an email to another, that of the Pixel Superfans. Via 9to5Google we have access to the content of this email where you are invited to use Bard early.

google bard

An access that is not yet available but that is collected from the very words that contain that email to know that it would be just around the corner. Google explains that we are facing an experiment in its first phase so that its generative AI can be tested.

It’s not that it gives details, but it warns that the major language models of this type do not always work as they should, so the feedback that is collected from users plus input from a wide spectrum of experts will help them. to make it better.

This access will allow Google to continue training Bard in real-use tests and thus better prepare this generative AI that we will also see in its apps such as Gmail and Google Documents.

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