If you want to minimize your electricity bill, the new 19.9 kWh EP Cube battery is a more than interesting option

If you want to minimize your electricity bill, the new 19.9 kWh EP Cube battery is a more than interesting option

The increase in electricity prices, the energy transition, and political orientations have led to a significant increase in the demand for home energy storage products in Europe.

minimize your electricity bill

To meet this growing demand Eternalplanet, CanadianSolar’s independent energy technology brand has launched its EP Cube residential energy storage system in Europe.

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What is EP Cube

EP Cube is an integrated residential energy storage system that uses a hybrid inverter and modular lithium iron phosphate batteries.

This system allows users to manage the production, consumption, and storage of energy in the home in an intelligent way. It features an attractive, compact design, easy installation, customizable storage capacity, remote control, and safe, reliable operation.

Another outstanding feature of the EP Cube is its modular and stackable battery pack design. The battery capacity is available in five different sizes, from 6.6 kWh to 19.9 kWh, allowing you to choose the most suitable and economical model for each home’s electricity consumption.

When upgrading the charging of the home, for example by adding a powerful appliance that requires more power, the capacity can be flexibly expanded simply by stacking the battery modules.

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A modular battery compatible with photovoltaic systems

minimize your electricity bill

Additionally, the EP Cube offers an interface that is compatible with old and new PV systems, and homeowners can easily add the EP Cube to upgrade their solar power system. It is also possible to connect directly to a 7.4 kW electric vehicle charger.

Another advantage of EP Cube is its appearance. The highly integrated structural design of the battery system in the main body of the product eliminates the need for other large accessories to be installed with it, giving it a very clean and attractive appearance.

The EP Cube also has IEC certificates, which gives it excellent thermal and chemical stability. Additionally, the product is IP65 rated with a 10-year warranty.

Finally, EP Cube’s technology includes intelligent application monitoring, allowing users to monitor their residence’s energy production, storage, and consumption remotely and receive reminders and OTA firmware updates.

What has not yet been made public is the pricing plan for Europe.

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