Microsoft Copilot is official- ChatGPT can write Word documents

Microsoft Copilot is official- ChatGPT can write Word documents

Microsoft has announced its new Artificial Intelligence feature for business users of Microsoft 365, its platform that includes Word, Outlook, Excel, and many more apps.

Microsoft Copilot is official

The ChatGPT madness doesn’t stop. The release this week of GPT-4, the new version of the language model used by ChatGPT and Bing Chat, is just the beginning of a full invasion of AI in all our apps.

Microsoft is the great beneficiary, thanks to the multi-million dollar investment in OpenAI, the creator of GPT. It has already been able to integrate this technology into many of its products, and today it is the turn of its official platform.

Microsoft Copilot helps you at work

Microsoft notes that Copilot isn’t just ChatGPT built into Word; it presents him more as an assistant, the spiritual heir of Clippy, that annoying pet that presented us with recommendations every time we tried to open a new document.

The good news is that Copilot isn’t that heavy; we can call it only when we want, appearing as a floating window over the document and waiting for our commands. And he will be able to fulfill almost all of them.

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The integration of AI in Microsoft 365 apps (formerly known as Office 365) will make life easier for us in all kinds of tasks. The most striking is that we can ask him to write us draft documents in Microsoft Word, simply by telling him what we want, although the company clarifies that they are not final documents and that it is still our job to review and adapt them to what we really need. It also has no qualms about admitting that Copilot isn’t perfect and can be wrong, so we can’t just let it do our job.

But that’s just the beginning. Copilot will also be integrated into other apps such as PowerPoint so that it can create presentations for us based on a Word document that we have already made or even analyze the data from an Excel file and present it understandably.

Outlook, the email client, also gets Copilot features like the ability to summarize long email threads so you don’t have to read them all. You will also be able to create email drafts with different buttons that will allow you to vary the tone; for example, if you want it to be more or less professional.

Copilot will be available first for Microsoft 365 business accounts, and the first companies are already testing it in private sessions; Microsoft is expected to announce plans and pricing for access to this technology in the coming months. Therefore, the release for personal accounts is still some way off.

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