Microsoft launches more Windows 11 widgets are coming.

Microsoft launches more Windows 11 widgets are coming.

Its Windows 11 widgets board may become much more interesting with the introduction of third-party software widgets.

The first third-party widget to be made accessible on the Windows 11 widget board is Meta’s Messenger app, but only those with the most recent Windows 11 preview may use it.

Microsoft launches more Windows 11 widgets

One of Windows 11’s most notable improvements was the widget system. However, up until this point, the panel has solely highlighted Microsoft products and content, such as Bing articles, Windows advice, and Game Pass ads.

Through the November release of WinAppSDK 1.2, Microsoft made widgets available to third-party developers.

Although Meta’s Messenger widget is a preview and the widget system isn’t yet completely stable, Windows 11 users should welcome its introduction as a glimpse into what developers could be able to achieve in the future.

Before accessing the widgets board, users must first install the most recent version of Messenger from the Microsoft Store. Users may choose Messenger to pin to the board by clicking the “+” at the top of the board, which shows a widget picker.

Microsoft advises that the present implementation of widgets may be a little shaky but that customers should anticipate seeing more of them in the future.

The version of Windows 11 Insider Preview that supports third-party widgets is built on 25284.

As more developers produce and distribute widgets for their apps, Microsoft stated that more new widgets should be expected to appear.

The third-party widgets may periodically disappear off the widgets board at the moment, but they may be brought again by repinning them from the widget picker.

When a user enters several Windows devices, the widgets may also become unpinned. Additionally, the widget’s pinned and unpinned toast notification’s undo button isn’t always functional.

Additionally, Microsoft is planning to make its Edge browser compatible with PWA widgets, or third-party Progressive Web Apps.

It will be included in a later version of Edge and is presently classified as an experimental feature.

Microsoft is now exploring a useful feature for Edge that lets users divide a tab into two windows, so they can compare the content of two open websites.

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