Microsoft wants to dethrone Google with its new vitaminized search engine with ChatGPT

Microsoft wants to dethrone Google with its new vitaminized search engine with ChatGPT

The main services of the Redmond company have been powered by AI and serve as a final push for a redesigned Bing against Google.

The virality of ChatGPT in Spain and the rest of the world has caused Microsoft and Google to face each other in a race for the leadership of artificial intelligence. With Google threatened to its foundations by Microsoft’s intention to include AI in all its products, the Redmonds are determined to once and for all face up to the most used search engine in the world. 

Microsoft wants to dethrone Google

Microsoft moves to the table and introduces the new Bing and the new Microsoft Edge both services that are now powered by AI.

As Microsoft exposes on its blog, its first search engine and its first browser with artificial intelligence arrive. While the new Bing had been leaked resulting in all the screenshots seen a few hours ago being completely true the company has surprised by also announcing a new Edge browser with artificial intelligence functions.

With this, those from Redmond seek to “reinvent the tools that billions of people use every day.” And as if that were not enough, in the offensive against Google Microsoft has announced a limited desktop preview so that anyone can try the search engine powered by artificial intelligence, with a “mobile experience” that will also be ready shortly.

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The new bing

In the end, everything that was leaked turned out to be true. The new Microsoft search engine not only receives the potential of artificial intelligence but also undergoes a profound redesign that combines it with the minimalist design language seen in Windows 11. Microsoft claims to have united search, navigation, and chat with AI in a unified experience.

Microsoft wants to dethrone Google

Bing with AI promises to deliver better and, above all, more relevant results, including a new sidebar that shows more complete responses. Search engine reviews result from all over the web to find and summarize the answer that the user is looking for, being able, for example, to obtain detailed instructions on how to substitute one ingredient for another in a recipe without having to scroll through several results.

The experience is very similar to what was seen with ChatGPT and as the leaks said, Bing integrates a chat interface for more complex searches. That includes, for example, researching which television to buy or planning a travel itinerary, with an interactive chat that will allow, through a conversational chatbot, to refine the search until obtaining a complete answer when requesting more details, clarity, and ideas.

Bing will also be able to generate useful content. Microsoft gives the example of helping the user write an email or create a complete travel itinerary with links to book travel and accommodation, or even create a quiz for a Trivial night. Logically, the search engine cites all the sources of the links.

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Bing debuts a new OpenAI large language model, “more powerful than ChatGPT” and optimized for content search. It builds on the main features of ChatGPT and GPT-3.5 “even faster, more accurate, and capable”. Microsoft claims to have developed a proprietary way of working with the OpenAI model to harness its power with a set of technical capabilities called the “Prometheus Model” that will serve to achieve more relevant, timely, and targeted results.

The AI model is also applied to Bing’s main search ranking engine, making even basic search queries “more accurate and relevant.” On the other hand, Microsoft ensures that OpenAI has used Azure to develop the language models that now power Bing.

Microsoft has been keen to emphasize safe browsing, with teams currently tackling “issues like misinformation and misinformation, content blocking, data security, and preventing the promotion of harmful or discriminatory content.” applying the full force of our responsible AI ecosystem, including researchers, engineers, and policy experts, to develop new approaches to mitigate risk.”

New Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s browser joins Bing in receiving artificial intelligence features, plus a new redesign. You will now be able to chat and write as well as make use of the new Edge Sidebar feature, a sidebar that will allow you to talk to the AI embedded within the browser and ask it for answers related to the web.

Microsoft wants to dethrone Google

For example, Microsoft says that with Sidebar it will be possible to request a summary of a financial report to get its key points and then use the chat function to request a comparison with the financials of a competing company and automatically place it in the table. You can also ask Edge to help you write content for emails or LinkedIn posts giving you just a few pointers to get started. And it is that Edge will be able to understand the web in which it is located and adapt accordingly.

To try out the new Bing, you’ll be able to access a limited preview on your desktop. Everyone who visits will be able to try the sample queries and sign up for a waiting list, scaling “the preview to millions of people in the coming weeks.”

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