Opera also joins the rise of ChatGPT and is going to incorporate this AI in its browser

Opera also joins the rise of ChatGPT and is going to incorporate this AI in its browser

After Microsoft bet on OpenAI technology for its Bing search engine, it seems that Opera wants to follow in its footsteps and apply it to its services.

Opera also joins the rise of ChatGPT and is going to incorporate this AI in its browser

Opera web browser has announced that it will implement new content and features in the browser powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) with services such as ChatGPT and the ‘Clip’ tool, which generates summaries of web pages and articles in a browser sidebar.

These new tools build on a breakthrough by Opera Software to expand its AI program to include content generation (AIGC) in its browser, news, and gaming products, which will be available for both the web and desktop versions.

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As Opera co-CEO Song Lin has stated, Opera is following the “massive interest” in generative AI tools. “We believe that now is the time for browsers to step up and become the gateway to an AI-powered web,” he stressed.

In this context, as he has announced in a statement on his blog, Opera will add the ‘Shorten’ tool to the address bar, which will generate brief summaries of any web page or article.

In other words, this function will filter all the content and choose the most relevant pieces of information to resolve the question raised by the user in the search engine.

The Shorten tool will be activated by clicking on the button available for this function on the right side of the address bar. After that, a bar will be displayed on the left side that will include ChatGPT.

Based on what the user has entered into the search engine, ChatGPT will generate a summary of the information obtained from each web page related to the topic. In addition, the summaries shown will include bullet points from the article or web page itself.

“With AI solutions emerging for text, image, and audio generation as well as in countless other forms, we are on the verge of a new era of creativity on the Web,” said Krystian, EVP of PC Browsers and Gaming at Opera. Kolondra. For this reason, the company intends to remodel the browser to allow users to “take advantage of all these resources and develop their full potential in the best possible way.”

The ‘Clip’ feature is one of the first AI tools Opera will test, although Opera’s VP of Marketing and Communications Jan Standel, reported by The Verge, says the company will launch it in browsers “very soon.”

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