Orsted finalizes its entry into floating offshore wind power in Spain with Repsol

Orsted finalizes its entry into floating offshore wind power in Spain with Repsol

The Danish offshore wind power giant has in mind to develop large offshore wind projects together with the oil company.

To find and, where appropriate, jointly construct floating offshore wind projects in Spain, Orsted and Repsol teamed together a year ago.

offshore wind power in Spain

Today, it can already say that union will be a reality because both companies have already decided to work together and are preparing their projects to present themselves at future auctions launched by the Spanish Government.

(Mario Garzón) head of Orsted for Spain and Portugal stated in an interview with El Periódico de la Energía.

“Our collaboration is now a reality, and we are going to participate in floating offshore wind power auctions in Spain,” says Garzón, who warns that “we only work from Orsted with large projects.”

“We have a multi-gigawatt pipeline,” he says.

The Danish energy company is the main player in offshore wind power in the world, and the opportunity to participate in a market as promising cannot be missed.

“Spain has an attractive market, and it has many advantages. In addition to the fact that it has good wind and solar resources, it is also important that the Government works towards the energy transition and the development of renewable energies”, she assures.


But, without a doubt, what is most encouraging the Danish offshore wind power giant to come to Spain is the great opportunity it has before it to create a large offshore wind industry.

“Spain faces a significant challenge, but it can develop an offshore wind sector due to its excellent value chain. It would be essential to its growth, according to Garzón.

Orsted, which opens its new offices in Madrid on April 4, believes that Spain is a bit late to achieve the goal of 3 GW by 2030.

Large offshore wind farms take many years to develop, “we are already late”, he says, but the important thing is “to have more planning” to even go beyond 3 GW (Portugal has set 10 GW).

Speaking the people understand

Orsted’s experience in developing offshore wind power is especially advantageous when it comes to explaining to the population how these parks are built and how all are respected.

Garzón tells this newspaper that they have been working on the ground in Spain for months. They have spoken with different groups of people affected to tell them about their experiences and how they want to have their opinion. “We are always looking for a positive impact on biodiversity”, he assures.

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