Siri is preparing for a revolution: the changes that Apple finalizes with its own rival to ChatGPT

Siri is preparing for a revolution: the changes that Apple finalizes with its own rival to ChatGPT

The tvOS betas show the inclusion of natural language capabilities in Apple’s virtual assistant with a projection to future releases.

Anyone who has used an iPhone in Spain knows that Siri is not the most valued virtual assistant of all. The best part of users believes that the Apple assistant has room for improvement, and it lags behind others already established such as Google Assistant or Alexa. For this reason, there are not a few users who request a drastic change for said software. According to 9to5Mac, Apple would be testing a version of Siri powered by an AI model similar to ChatGPT.

Siri is preparing for a revolution

In the latest beta of the operating system dedicated to Apple TV, tvOS 16.4, 9to5Mac has found a new framework with “Siri natural language generation” capabilities. A technology with the code name ‘Bobcat’, and that currently would have been integrated into said beta, planting the seed of a future Siri equipped with a GPT-style conversational model.

Not only that; Last Wednesday, the New York Times reported on how Apple engineers were testing new “language generation concepts.” Facts corroborated by the discoveries of 9to5Mac reveal Apple’s process to give this potential to its virtual assistant.

An improved Siri

It all starts with the latest tvOS 16.4 beta. In this, a framework enabled called ‘Bobcat’, is in charge of the already mentioned natural language generation capabilities. Now have been applied for Siri to tell jokes on Apple TV, although Apple would be testing how this technology could be applied, such as by activating timers.

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Although the only Apple Siri that has these new features is the one equipped with the tvOS 16.4 beta, the code indicates this is included in the iPhone, iPad, Mac, HomePod, and Apple TV assistants. Apple has disabled the novelty for all devices other than Apple TV. However, this is indicative that the software could be extrapolated to other devices, making a general change.

Several issues need to be clarified. The most important ones refer to the development of the conversational AI model and its origin. Apple is not working on anything like ChatGPT or a GPT-like model. It is also not known if the model used to improve Siri would be specifically GPT-4 or something similar. That was confirmed by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, who denied that Apple was working on something like that.

Siri is preparing for a revolution

Does this mean that overnight we will have a GPT-powered Siri from OpenAI? Absolutely. Integrating these kinds of models into this kind of software is quite a complication, especially given the nature of how Siri works. That is nothing more than a discreet test by Apple to see how the implementation of this technology would affect Siri, pointing to how Apple would carry out the implementation.

There is no timeline in this regard, so it is not known if in future betas we will see more of this enhanced Siri or if we will check its operation in new types of use. Be that as it may, the fact that this technology has aroused the interest of even a company as conservative as Apple should illustrate the importance of this technological revolution.

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