Technology allows us to remove just barely the food that will be consumed

Technology allows us to remove just barely the food that will be consumed

Raizs combines knowledge and artificial intelligence based on the orders received and the seasoning of each one or two items.

Technology allows us to remove just barely the food

According to information from the latest report of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), entitled “Food Waste Index”, about 14% of the food produced in the world is lost between the road and transportation due to a lack of integrative technologies. In this sense, Raízs, organic and healthy food tech, a pioneer in valorizing small producers, invests in exclusive artificial intelligence to predict what will be consumed among customers and thus withdraw only barely what has been consumed, avoiding or wasting food.

“Through our own systems and platforms, we can make a purchase forecast based on average consumption, delivering the best products to customers. With our tools we can make a plan with producers and harvest only the food that will be used”, affirms the founder and CEO of Raízs, Tomás Abrahão.

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The tools developed by the Roots combine with condiments on the average daily, weekly, and monthly purchases of two consumers and the seasonality of two products. The entire base of small producers of food tech is integrated with this database, as well as the plantation and the number of crops that are synchronized with the purchasing behaviors of the two clients. Currently, the startup connects close to 900 families of small producers throughout the country as final consumers.

This innovation of the company also makes it possible to better control the shipment of the baskets of assignments. At Raízs you can check restrictions, frequencies, and preferences to make substitutions of personalized products according to this information.

Founded in August 2014, Raízs was born to connect the small farmer of organic products to the final consumer, thus creating a link between the city and the countryside. Among the services are the baskets by name available on site, both for consumers and for establishments. The startup received important contributions in awards such as Red Bull Amaphiko, Choice UP Artemisia, UN Accelerate 2030, Creators Awards, and, recently, received the certification of a company in which profit goes hand in hand with social responsibility, granted by System B. The oil platform All credit card flags and purchases can be certified by the site.

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