The creators of Firefox are going to launch their own ChatGPT

The creators of Firefox are going to launch their own ChatGPT

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The Mozilla Foundation has created a new startup focused on creating a “trustworthy” and independent Artificial Intelligence compared to current ones such as ChatGPT.


In just a few months, Artificial Intelligence has gone from being a futuristic concept to something we can use every day to create content, images, and even videos. ChatGPT is largely to blame, but we can’t forget other projects like Midjourney.

All these generative AIs have two things in common: they have enormous potential and are used for malicious or abusive purposes. The new AIs have been used to create pornography, install malware on our computers, and even develop that malware.

The fear now is that, without proper control, the world of AI will become an “old west” with disastrous consequences for humanity; the creator of ChatGPT himself thinks so, and Mozilla has joined these doubts. This organization is most famous for its Firefox web browser, but now it has a new project on Mozilla.AI, a new startup founded with $30 million to create open source Artificial Intelligence.

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Open Artificial Intelligence

Do we really need another AI project? At Mozilla, they think so. Although they admit that tools like Stable Diffusion and the recently released GPT-4 are changing the way we think about the Internet and creativity, they also warn that they are creating “apprehension” about what is possible, what can go wrong, and what can be done.

According to Mozilla, The solution is to create a “trusted” Artificial Intelligence open source so that anyone can see how it works; Projects like ChatGPT are closed source, and no one really knows what is going on and why it gives some responses and not others.

While Mozilla concedes that these projects have reacted when malicious uses for their AI have been discovered, it cautions that this is not enough. And although there are already projects that seek a more ethical use of AI, he believes they can do nothing against the “Big Tech” that dominates the sector. That’s where Mozilla (and their money) comes in, creating a free project with 25 initial engineers who focused on creating GPT-4 style recommender systems and language models.

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