Wind power covers 42% of Irish electricity demand in February

Wind power covers 42% of Irish electricity demand in February

Wind Energy Ireland CEO says more renewables will ease the worst effects of the energy price crisis.

Irish wind farms continued to perform well in February, supplying 42% of the country’s electricity.

Wind power covers 42% of Irish electricity

Average wholesale electricity market prices hit their lowest level since November 2022 as a result of significant wind power performance.

Wind Energy Ireland CEO Noel Cunniffe said: “Irish wind farms provided almost half of the country’s electricity in the first two months of the year. Every unit of electricity they generate forces fossil fuels out of the electrical grid, lowering our carbon footprint and protecting homes and businesses from the harshest consequences of the energy price issue.

He added: “We expect to see significant progress this year, with new wind farms connecting to the grid, solar projects commissioning, and licensing applications for the first offshore sites. But the Irish planning system continues “We cannot build renewables and strengthen our electricity grid with a planning system that is fundamentally broken”.

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Price’s drop

The average wholesale price of electricity in January was 159.19 euros, a small decrease compared to January prices, but still much higher than before the fossil fuel energy crisis.

Prices fell further on days with more wind power, when the average cost of a megawatt-hour of electricity was €139.61, and rose to €196.85 on days when production had to rely almost entirely on fossil fuels.

The results in this report are based on EirGrid SCADA data collected by MullanGrid and market data provided by ElectroRoute.

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