Post Malone Tour 2019 | Tacoma, WA

0:00 - Hollywood’s Bleeding 3:50 - Over Now 9:02 - Better Now 12:53 - Candy Paint 16:38 - Saint-Tropez 19:57 - Die For Me 22:38 - Goodbyes 25:01 - Allergic 27:40 - Enemies 30:00 - Wow 32:30 - Psycho 34:59 - Paranoid 38:45 - I Know 41:16 - I Fall Apart 45:21 - Take What You Want 48:05 - Stay 52:26 - Circles 56:08 - Go Flex 59:51 - White Iverson 1:02:59 - Sunflower 1:05:58 - Rockstar 1:10:06 - Congratulations

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jason masters
jason masters:
Y’all mf be complaining about her singing as if she not allowed to have a good time at the concert that SHE went to
Vladislav Sidelnikov
Vladislav Sidelnikov:
Make your life easier😉 It’s Russia 🇷🇺 Welcome 💜

0:00 - Hollywood Bleeding
3:50 - Over now
8:01 - Better now
12:53 - Candy Paint
16:38 - Saint-Tropez
19:57 - Die for me
22:38 - Goodbyes
25:01 - Allergic
27:40 - Enemies
30:00 - Wow
32:30 - Psycho
34:59 - Paranoid
38:45 - I Know
41:16 - I fall apart
45:21 - Take what u want
48:05 - Stay
52:26 - Circles
56:08 - Go Flex
59:51 - White Iverson
1:01:59 - Sunflower
1:05:58 - Rockstar
1:10:06 - Congratulations🎉🎉🎉
That person who was screaming Hollywood Bleeding is a legend
Hattie Sowray
Hattie Sowray:
Shame he didn’t perform A Thousand Bad Times!
E Salas
E Salas:
Over now is sooooo underrated!
J Vespy
J Vespy:
He’s honestly the most humble artist out there man always thanking everyone for supporting him damn.
Andy Robbo
Andy Robbo:
Love how he sometimes forgets the words of his new songs 😂 what a guy
Why are you having fun at a concert you paid for , this is clearly no allowed
Playboi World
Playboi World:
I’m glad he performs “over now” it’s such a good song
The fact that she is screaming her heart out makes the whole vid super LIT, TY 4 recording this btw!
S O:
How you gonna sit and complain about the girls singing. She PAIDDDD to go to a concert and your here pirating it off her. Show some damn respect. She's actually supporting posty financially. We stan a queen.
Sofia Laranja
Sofia Laranja:
I’m crying watching this video because I can’t go to his concert😭
13:23 are we just gonna ignore the "SKRRRT"
Christian Alonte
Christian Alonte:
You are a true fan, respect
Makayla Yanos
Makayla Yanos:
Damn I wanna go to a posty concert with who ever is singing to every song!!!!!
Milk Man
Milk Man:
He should perform with a live band.
Isa pawer
Isa pawer:
is that you singing? love the energy!
and thanks for recording!
TheLegend 123
TheLegend 123:
I can't wait to go to his concert when he comes to my home state. I can't wait to scream his songs with him and everyone else in the arena. It's gonna be lit and so much fun.
Fright Bat
Fright Bat:
Over Now - the best hands down. Then, Circles. Amazing.
Razan Abed
Razan Abed:
I’m just impressed that she knows the lyrics of literally all his songs
If he played Staring at the Sun I would be so happy
girl i legit sounded the same, i lost my voice afterwards lol. Thx for posting this so i can re-live it!!
DJ Pappas
DJ Pappas:
Post is my favorite artist but dear lord, I Know sounds awful
Ezzy Rangel
Ezzy Rangel:
The girl singing along will be me on nov 5 😝🤘🏻
Osf Odd squad Family. Gheghe
Osf Odd squad Family. Gheghe:
I want him singing "the Internet" in live. Cause thats what i like the most one of his new album...and the one who took this video,you should know that you have to be carefull about putting phone, bacause its sound does goes proparly.i said this because you keep in the internet to see everyone who have the right to judge about your video and that girl should learn how to sing with a Right notes
Maybe LB Did It
Maybe LB Did It:
I wish he'd have done I'm Gonna Be...
Wolten is here On YT
Wolten is here On YT:
I was there but the guy in front of me made me get up and scream the lyrics🙄
Luka Fröhlich
Luka Fröhlich:
Hugo soneghet
Hugo soneghet:
I was really looking forward to finding out what his new setlist would look like and its fire damn, I just wish he wouldve kept too young. Thx for uploading
Brenden Wilbur
Brenden Wilbur:
I was probably one of the youngest ones at this concert😂
Taylor Chao
Taylor Chao:
A Thousand Bad Times isn't on there 😭 and On The Road, Staring at the Sun, I'm Gonna Be, Internet, and Myself.
I can’t wait for him to come to houstonnnnn!!!!!
thank you so much for screaming the lyrics to his songs.. i would do the same if i ever got the chance to watch him but i live 24 hours away from any of his tour locations so its unlikely ill ever see him...
McGregor Clan
McGregor Clan:
THE ROOF GO DOWN WHEN I HIT SWITCH. jesus christ take it easy.
Sausage Abu
Sausage Abu:
She’s actually taking time and videoing this 4 u 2 c and your over here saying y she singing the song like ur lucky she’s showing u this she rlly nice 4 doing this
It’s a shame he autotunes his voice so heavily live, I can tell that the autotune was set incorrectly on I Know..
Eliot Martin
Eliot Martin:
i’m seeing him live on tuesday!!!!😜❤️
Alexis 4356
Alexis 4356:
Going to see him in SA on October 29th !!! Can’t wait 🥳
pavani reddy
pavani reddy:
I totally feel you. I was at one of his concert recently and i sang my lungs out too. Videos came out so bad but i had the best time of my life. Love posty ❤️
Dawson Slone
Dawson Slone:
That concert version of die for me when the beginning lead up to him singing I NEED IT
Monique Garcia
Monique Garcia:
I this made me even more excited to see him in November thank you for this
bianca delgado
bianca delgado:
i’m so excited to see him live 😭
Miguel Campos
Miguel Campos:
23:27 me when I left the concert lol
Xavier Vently
Xavier Vently:
13:24 SKRRR!! XD
Garrett Wilson
Garrett Wilson:
That must’ve been so much fun! Thanks for posting the Concert ❤️❤️
un known
un known:
I'll feel the luckiest even if I'll see him from this far ....His voice really is relieving med for me I love you so much Posty ❤
Lil Gemini
Lil Gemini:
The energy and vibes of that night were crazy. I was literally like 5 rows behind you lol
Monica Sanchez
Monica Sanchez:
This gon be me on nov 17 🙌scream tht shiiit girl !!! Love this
Darth Fader Productions
Darth Fader Productions:
Thank you for posting this. I am partially Disabled so its hard for me to go to concerts and i FUCKING LOVE post malone so thanks for allowing me to see the concert. I was singing with you the whole time :)
Brenden Wilbur
Brenden Wilbur:
2:15 was my favorite part because when the beat dropped thats when the fireworks went off!
Citlaly Perez
Citlaly Perez:
Ahhhhh this just hyped me up for nov 2 posty fest here I come with the same energy as this girl!!!
Lost my voice to the point where I was a Steveo impersonator
i see him tomorrow in Fresno and i wish i had someone like you going with me! lmao! we’d have a BLAST together! hahah
Ajay Singh
Ajay Singh:
No autotune
Thats great postyyyy
Lenny Luong
Lenny Luong:
can’t wait to see him at life is beautiful
So hyped for Sacramento
Blearon XB1
Blearon XB1:
i’m so ready for dc next saturday 😝
T O:
Kristian Gahol
Kristian Gahol:
Where is ON THE ROAD???
you yelling is such a mood xD
hahaha this girl singing and screaming 😂😂 #getitgirl
Baddassbecca on IG
Baddassbecca on IG:
Haha props for knowing all the lyrics!! Thanks for the vid, he killed it ❤️
Александра Елкова
Александра Елкова:
Stop screaming pls 😭
Sabrina Lopez
Sabrina Lopez:
im gonna be deserves to be on the setlist
Rug hani
Rug hani:
thanks for the vid love ❤️
She said SKIRT 😂😂😂 I’m howling
1000 subscribers without videos
1000 subscribers without videos:
The tickets were so expensive
Payton Anderson
Payton Anderson:
He’ll be in my state October 18 and I wanna see him so bad but I don’t think my parents are going to get me tickets 😩😭
Going to the 1st MSG show. This got me even more excited. Can't wait!
DavidIsLit 23
DavidIsLit 23:
I’m pissed he cut circles from his set for Detroit and Chicago I was really looking forward to that one
Renae Myftarago
Renae Myftarago:
i’m so depressed i didn’t go to this
Gucci Water
Gucci Water:
Hey girl! did you have fun? one of my friends is going to see him next month with her mom and sister. She is soooo excited!!
Yeet Street
Yeet Street:
Over now would’ve worked better on this album than it did on Bb&B. Has that same vibe as the other songs
Alex Boutch
Alex Boutch:
That 13:24 skrrt killed me😂😂😂
Water Bottle
Water Bottle:
He didn’t know the words to I know lol
Pineapple Jûiče
Pineapple Jûiče:
My aunt and her 18 year old daughter went to this concert :D
Jesse Camphuysen
Jesse Camphuysen:
I went to his show in Amsterdam and Antwerp, that was insane but this show is even more insane! Thankyou for filming an posting it on youtube! And also the biggest love I have to Post Malone! AMAZING SHOW😍😍😍
Xxboiclutch7xx Xx
Xxboiclutch7xx Xx:
I was there first day
Anis Afifah
Anis Afifah:
OMG I LOVE YOU😭😭😭😭 THANK U FOR RECORDING ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Mehedi Hasan Jim
Mehedi Hasan Jim:
I feel jealous for Makayla...😌😌
WMN Kloud
WMN Kloud:
seeing him in less than 2 weeks !!
Vishnu Vijwani
Vishnu Vijwani:
Muchas gracias! ♥️
Thanks for POSTing! Get it girl!! 🤙🏽✌🏽🥂🍻🎤🎧
Why does the volume go up and down
Mr LX Flame
Mr LX Flame:
i was there last night the concert was lit tho hope Post Malone comes back again to Seattle also thanks for posting it up xD
Kain Day
Kain Day:
Everyone on their phones smh.
Luís Sousa
Luís Sousa:
thank you <3
Isa Bel
Isa Bel:
Gracias !!!! Maravilloso concierto !!!! 👏👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Danielle Brown
Danielle Brown:
Going to see him October 24!!!
Hat Trick Payton
Hat Trick Payton:
I was there it was so lit!!! Thanks for uploading 👍
Jessica Schwartz
Jessica Schwartz:
thanks for posting the set list !
Ariel Isabella
Ariel Isabella:
Going to see him October 25th 💜💜💜 this gonna be me to my bf 😂
Hahaha loved your performance, we post a cover of Circles at our channel, take a look. Greetings from Brazil 🇧🇷
Maximilián Mokoš
Maximilián Mokoš:
I wanna marry the singing woman♥!
Ivan Jaramillo
Ivan Jaramillo:
You girl are the definition of lit this whole show no stop lol kudos😂🙏
Ivan Jaramillo
Ivan Jaramillo:
You girl are the definition of lit this whole show no stop lol kudos😂🙏
austin reid
austin reid:
Im going to see him this sunday in Detroit