Michael Jordan net worth shocked everyone

The legend of the Chicago Bulls knew how to make his image profitable, and he is the richest athlete in history, as well as being close to number 1,000 on the Forbes list.

The name of Michael Jordan is back in the news thanks to the premiere of ‘The Last Dance’, the documentary that can be enjoyed on Netflix and that deals with the player’s last season in the Chicago Bulls.

In addition to telling how he discovered his partner Dennis Rodman in bed or the doubts that hovered over the team months before winning his sixth ring “Michael Jordan net worth”

Michael Jordan net worth

It reveals how Jordan’s image grew in popularity in the whole world before consecrating himself as the richest athlete of all time.
To be close to the 1,000th position of the wealthiest on the planet.

According to Forbes

MJ’s fortune stands at 2,100 million dollars, more than 1,900 million euros. And that as a player ‘only’ he pocketed 93.8 million in 16 seasons, and too much, if we take into account the salaries of the time and that his annual salary only exceeded 4 ‘kilos’ in two seasons: 96-97 and 97-98 when he broke the income record first with 30.1 million and a year later with 33.1.

The Bulls legend knew how to play the same way on the court as off it and the advertising contracts he signed since his arrival in the league. “Michael Jordan net worth”
He was able to get a lot of money to invest until he became a billionaire in 2014. MJ currently ranks 1,001 of the richest in the world and among 500 in the United States.
Mainly to his agreement with Nike.

MJ wealthiest Carrier

Michael Jordan net worth

In his first year in the NBA in 1984, he was looking forward to committing to Adidas, but the German managers only signed players who were well over two meters tall, and Jordan stayed at 1.98.

Nike took advantage of the opportunity and formed a business of enormous profitability for both parties, and that shot up to its value on the stock market, the first 6 figure that was agreed upon was 250,000 euros per year.

After many years later the textile giant created a division called Jordan Brand, for which Jordan pockets 100 million a year for the rights of use and sale.
The firm invoices more than 3,000 million, demonstrating that the Air Jordan logo and this business decision were one of the best deals in sports history.

Lawsuits, another source of income

Since “Michael Jordan net worth” exploits his image in the best way, he knows perfectly what his value is and is not willing to allow others to benefit from it fraudulently.

Thus, his lawyers have obtained ten millions$ in court, and the player even donated 23 of them to children’s NGOs. To get an idea, only in one of these trials did he win compensation of 9 million dollars.

The profitable purchase of the Charlotte Hornets

In April 2010, “Michael Jordan net worth” became the majority shareholder of the Charlotte Hornets for $275 million as the franchise made its first playoff berth, though eliminated in the first round without winning a single game in the series against the Magic.
Since his arrival, the team’s value has skyrocketed and is currently over $1 billion.

In addition, he is a shareholder of the Miami Marlins baseball and has the benefits of agreements with brands that have accompanied him since his time as an athlete, such as Gatorade, Hanes, and Upper Deck.

And as if that were not enough, he has also diversified his money in other sectors, from new technologies to restaurants. He has several restaurants in Chicago and Florida, a Nissan dealership in North Carolina, has invested in eSports, has partnered with leading companies in Silicon Valley, and is part of a tequila company.

What is the money spent?

Michael Jordan knows to make money, and he also knows well how to spend it. First of all, he has made numerous donations to charity. Most recently with the $4 million, he earned from the aforementioned documentary.

Michael Jordan net worth

And for his enjoyment, he has all the luxury possessions imaginable: a private plane with his logo, his initials, his rings and his number, a large yacht valued at 80 million dollars, and several mansions.

He owns one Charlotte for 2.3 million and another in Chicago for 5,000 square meters that he has been trying to sell for several years, and its price has already been reduced by 15 million.

Among his passions are tequila and Havana cigars, which he became fond of as a player, and he smokes on board his boat, at home, or on the golf course.
This sport is another great hobby and his small sources of income for the bets he makes on the green.

Because of his fans, he bought his own club in Florida and called it Grove XXIII in honor of the number with which he stood out, but he has made holes with faces like Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, Sergio García or Severiano Ballesteros.

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