7 Huge Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends In 2022-23

7 Huge Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends In 2022-23

The 7 Biggest Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2022 as someone that’s a futurist that looks at artificial intelligence very carefully, I’ve written two books on the topic the Intelligence Revolution Solution and Artificial Intelligence in Practice.

So we watched space carefully, and we believe that in 2022-23, we will see artificial intelligence continue along the path to becoming the most transformative technology humans have ever developed.

7 Huge Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends

According to Google CEOs, its impact will be even greater than our fire and electricity on the development of our species. So let’s look at some of the key trends we’re seeing. 

1- AI will Augment the workspace

The first one is AI will augment our workforce and our jobs.

So we will see more of our jobs being outsourced to AI because they can do now amazing things. 

They can do many things like reading, writing, speaking, smell, etc. And this will free up humans to do these things. 

 we can give some of the mundane, some of the repetitive work to AIS. 

this will impact every sector and job. In 2022, we will also see a bigger and better language modeling capability.

2- Language modeling

So, language modeling AI allows machines to understand and communicate with every language. 

We can even use natural human language and convert it into codes that use to run programs and applications. 

We have recently seen the release of GPT-3 by OpenAI, the most advanced and largest language model ever created, consisting of around 175,000,000,000 parameters, variables, and data points that machines can use to process language. 

And Open AI is known to be working on its successor, GPT Four, which will be even more powerful. 

So, although the details haven’t been confirmed yet, some people believe that will contain up to 100 trillion parameters, making it 500 times larger than GPT-3. 

It can create language and hold conversations with a human and machines. 

It will also create computer code.

3- The third one is Cybersecurity 

The World Economic Forum identified cybercrime as posing a huge risk to society than terrorism threat. 

So as machines take over more of our lives, hacking and cybercrime inevitably become more of a problem. 

AI is very good at analyzing network traffic and learning and recognizes patterns that might suggest nefarious intentions. And this will be a big thing in 2022. 

4- AI and the Metaverse

Metaverse is the name given to a unified, persistent digital environment where users can work and play together. 

It’s a virtual world like the Internet, enabling an immersive experience created by the users themselves. 

People like Mark Zuckerberg and companies like Microsoft are helping to build the metaverse and AI will undoubtedly be a linchpin in the metaverse. 

It will help us to create online environments in which humans experience impulses nurtured.

5- Data-centric AI

And he is one of the pioneers in AI and especially deep learning. He’s now pushing this concept. And traditionally we have seen artificial intelligence as something that relies on big data. 

We needed algorithms, neural networks that use huge volumes of data that we then used to train them, so they were software-centric. 

If you then look at other settings like healthcare, manufacturing, and others, they don’t have the same data volumes, they haven’t got the same generic data points. 

We need to rely more on the data. So it will become more important to have better quality data that is labeled where we use domain expertise from people to help us label the data and then use AI and machine learning.

6- Autonomous vehicles 

increasingly effective autonomous cars. Tesla says that its cars will demonstrate full self-driving capability by 2022.

Its competitors include Waymo, created by Google, Apple, General Motors, and Ford. and they are all expected to forward in the next year. 

hopefully, also see the first autonomous ship crossing the Atlantic in 2022. As the Mayflower, autonomous ownership will sail from the UK to the US.

7- Creative AI

AI has now become creative. We can use it for core creativity. AI can already be used for things like creating headlines for articles and newsletters. 

We can use it to design logos and infographics. And the creative side of AI will simply explore over the coming years.

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