7 Huge consumer technology trends in 2022

7 Huge consumer technology trends in 2022

The seven biggest consumer technology trends in 2022. The consumer technology market is evolving so fast.

Every year we get amazing innovations. We now have 100 inches TVs. We get new generations of smartphones with things like bendable screens.

We get the latest watches and the latest media players. So companies like Apple, Amazon, Samsung, and Sony push new developments to us all the time.

consumer technology trends in 2022

So as a futurist and someone who’s written books on technology trends, I try to do this every year to look at the key tech trends.

If you want to learn more about any of these, So here’s an overview of the key consumer tech trends. In 2022,

1- Domestic Robots

We will see the rise of domestic robots that are used to seeing more robots in our homes. 

We have robotic vacuum cleaners and robotic lawnmower pool cleaners. Robots can help us with education. 

They used robots in the healthcare setting to monitor any patients, potentially. And in 2022, Amazon will release Astra, which is probably the first general-purpose home robot on the market. 

We can use this as a Roving security robot, or it could be an Alexa on the wheel that comes and find you when you have a call or alerts. 

It also will have a personality and keep you company or provide general entertainment. And we’ve had other companies like Samsung launch their first home robot. 

Tesla has just announced that Tesla bot, which would be another home robot that the horizon. So watch this space.

2- Smart things

Another key trend will be smarter things. We have smart everything. In the past, SmartThings meant they are connected to the Internet. Nowadays, we have built-in AI and machine learning. 

So this makes our cars more intelligent. It allows them to be autonomous. We have intelligent yoga mats and smart home appliances. 

The best example is a smart TV that now uses AI to even adapt its picture and sound to its environment. 

They have inbuilt natural language algorithms that control them with our voice. 

They have motion and machine vision that operate them with our gestures. 

So this will increasingly happen in 2022.

3- Virtual reality

The other big trend is virtual reality, augmented reality, and the Internet of Censuses as. 

We are using amazing AR support on many phones, and they have better sensors. 

We can look at new tech things like if you want to shop for Apple, you can place all of them into augmented reality to walk around, to zoom in and zoom out and see the product for real. 

Facebook and Ray Ban have just released smart glasses. But interesting is the more immersive glasses. 

HTC Vive for example. The new generation of smart glasses that almost look like normal glasses that you put on that allow you to enter the virtual world connected to your phone so it’s a completely mobile and more realistic ultrarealistic image and sound quality, and some of the latest innovations will bring things like smell and feel to the virtual world.

4- Metaverse

Which means brings me to the next trend, which is the metaverse. 

In 2022 we will see a new Matrix movie coming out, and that will give us a good sense of this metaverse the digital universe in which we could operate. 

Companies like Facebook and Microsoft have laid out their plans to create this immersive online environment or environments that offer this persistent world for work, socializing, and play. 

Too many things happening in the gaming world. 

For example, where you have in Fortnite people performing concerts you can potentially in the future go to and watch a movie. 

So we’re seeing this individual world where you have shopping, gaming, and other things all merge into this meta verse, this global world in the digital space.

5-Ultra fast networks

Another trend is ultra-fast networks, especially 5G, or with six G on the horizon, we will see 5G capabilities becoming the norm. 

So that will provide us super fast internet connectivity anywhere, and also helps to support devices like virtual reality and gaming. 

So we will ability to stream high-definition video with cloud gaming which would be a big game changer. 

So instead of having a game console somewhere, you can game using the cloud. 

All the processing power that needs can be done remotely and simply stream and enjoy a game.

6- Smart Home

Another key one is smart homes and the Internet of things. So Gartner has predicted that the average home could contain more than 500 smart devices during 2022, and we should see the launch of Matter. 

That is the home OS, created in a collaboration between Apple, Google, and Amazon, which aims to create a standard operating environment for connected devices in the home which will push this market. 

That market is predicted to grow to over $50 billion in 2022. So watch out for that.

7- NFT

Another trend is NFTs or nonfungible tokens and blockchain and digital twins. 

I’m putting all of these together in one category because their application as consumer technology, they’re closely related here. 

So Blockchains where you have this persistent distributed and encrypted digital ledger NFTs, then are these unique tokens that can be created and stored on the blockchain. 

We have digital twins or digital models or replicas of real-world products or processes and change the way to interact with technology. 

We will see them impacting consumer products in a big way in 2022. So consumer brands including Sony, Asics, CCoca-Cola, and others have signaled their intentions to be part of this NFT space.

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