Apprentice Bard: Google’s artificial intelligence to end the ChatGPT threat

Apprentice Bard: Google’s artificial intelligence to end the ChatGPT threat

According to ‘CNBC’, the technology company is working to launch a version of its search engine that would work through a chatbot.

The artificial intelligence war has only just begun. While millions of users visit ChatGPT every day, Google, a technology company that has dominated the Internet search business for years, is preparing to prevent the OpenAI chatbot from harming it. And it is expected that the software will soon be available on the Microsoft search engine, Edge.

Google's artificial intelligence to end the ChatGPT threat

According to ‘CNBC’, Google is already testing a new AI, known for the moment as ‘Apprentice Bard’ -‘ Apprentice Bard’ in Spanish- which, as is the case with ChatGPT, is capable of answering the questions asked by the user in a matter of seconds.

The answer is based on the LaMDA language model, a potent AI that Google has been developing for a while but hasn’t publicly disclosed.

A technology engineer was let go last summer after disclosing private details about an AI and joking that it was a “sentient entity.”

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The search engine now understands that a chatbot substitute is required. An internal Google letter obtained by the US site stated that the LaMDA team had been instructed to prioritize work on a response to ChatGPT. The email said, “In the short term, it takes precedence over other initiatives.”

When the time comes, the goal is to integrate a chatbot into a different search engine so that the user may use Google in a manner that is comparable to how he uses ChatGPT. The solution is still being tested by tech professionals.

Apprentice Bard’s actions are precisely the same as those of the OpenAI program. Artificial intelligence responds to queries entered by the user.

However, the Google tool can respond to inquiries regarding current events that occurred as recently as 2023. In theory, ChatGPT is limited to the year 2021.

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It should be noted that, according to “The New York Times,” Google is now engaged in about 20 distinct initiatives that are directly relevant to artificial intelligence.

This outlet previously mentioned that the corporation was speeding up the release of a search engine version that would function exactly through a chatbot.

Google is currently by far the most popular search engine, which has enabled income from advertising to approach 170,000 million dollars in 2022.

Despite being far away, ChatGPT’s entry into Edge, the second search engine, might cause business problems in the medium future.

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