Google’s answer to ChatGPT that will revolutionize your search engine

Google’s answer to ChatGPT that will revolutionize your search engine

Google presents Bard, it’s AI that will answer any question in the search engine.

It said that this week artificial intelligence will have a great role. Google has announced Bard, the ChatGPT competitor that will soon begin to answer all user questions through the company’s search engine, the most popular in Spain and the rest of the world. At the same time, it is expected that tomorrow Microsoft will present its integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT to be able to use it in all its services, such as the Bing search engine.

Google's answer to ChatGPT

The chatbot developed by OpenAI has brought about a revolution in sectors such as education, the experts say that the impact will be similar to what Google had in the classroom when doing work. The internet giant now responding to this hurricane had also spent years developing language models as powerful or more as GPT-3, from which ChatGPT was born, but which they kept protected in their laboratories.

Google states in a statement that Bard will arrive in its browser, an experimental conversational AI, based on LaMDA, its language model for dialogue applications, the same one that last year was accused of “having come to life” by one of its engineers.¬†

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An announcement related to this subject by Google was also expected for February 8, but the company has brought this statement forward two days. Media such as The Verge interpret this urgency as a race that has accelerated ChatGPT between Google and Microsoft.

Bard on google

The most famous search engine announces a testing phase that will help us to continue learning and improving the quality and speed of Bard. At the moment, Google has only given access to Bard to a group of “trusted testers,” says Sundar Pichai. Later, it will be available “more widely to the public in the coming weeks”, albeit with a reduced model of LaMDA, which requires much less computing power.

Google's answer to ChatGPT

Google is preparing its search engine to answer questions such as “Which is easier learning to play the piano or the guitar? And how much practice does each of these instruments require?”, instead of providing simple data or links as it happens now. They state that “soon, Google Search will have AI-assisted functions capable of processing complex information with multiple perspectives and presenting it in easily absorbable formats. They will help you quickly understand the big picture about an issue and get more out of the internet “.

Pichai also notes that Bard “relies on information from the web to provide fresh, high-quality answers,” it can answer questions about recent events, something ChatGPT struggles with that. Concerned by those who have a website and see how this change can stop redirecting users to their online content, the statement says that the new search engine will help to find additional perspectives, such as blogs of people who play both the piano and the guitar or to delve deeper into a subject.

Google’s AI integration isn’t limited here, they’ll start onboarding developers, creators, and businesses so they can test Google’s generative language API. Thus they aspire to create more innovative applications with AI and security.

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The pulse with Microsoft

As Google prepares to launch its AI to the world and enter a new stage in its browser history, Microsoft has kicked off the competition with the other tech giant by partnering with OpenAI to integrate its already world-renowned AI into its services.

ChatGPT’s capabilities integrated into Microsoft’s Bing search engine give them a chance to compete more strongly with what is by far the most recognizable search engine, Google.

It is not known if Microsoft will use this AI for other services and when they will have the unit ready to start testing it. It is possible that in the events announced for tomorrow, February 8, both technological giants will put their cards on the table.

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