iPhone 14 Pro Accessories Need to Buy Now

iPhone 14 Pro Accessories You Need to Buy Now

We’re looking at some of the best accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Now, most of these will work with older models too, like last year’s iPhone 13. But if you’re lucky enough to have upgraded to the 14 already, hopefully, today’s video will give you some ideas.

iPhone 14 Pro Accessories

It could even make great Christmas gifts for friends and family. So if there is something that you like the look of, you can check it out.

1- iPhone Screen Protectors

One of the most important accessories that you can buy is a screen protector. Now, there are loads of options out there to choose from, but I think the speed and all screen protectors are the best in the box. It comes with two of these hard plastic frames, and they have a screen protector built in already. 

So you clean your phone first, then remove the back plastic, line it up over your phone, rub the centerpiece, and just wait for 30 seconds. 

Once that’s done, remove the case, remove the plastic film, and check for bubbles. 99% of the time, there are no bubbles at all, and if there are any, just push them out using the provided tool. 

Now, what I like about these over the others available is there’s no cutout at the top, so it covers the entire screen and looks a lot cleaner. 

That also works fine with the camera and Face ID, so there are no worries there. And although the iPhone screens are supposed to be scratch resistant, I’m not taking any risks. 

I did that a few years ago when I didn’t put a screen protector on for the first week, and within those first few days, I did scratch the screen. 

What it looks like on both the iPhone 14 Pro and the 14 Pro Max. And as you can see, that full-screen coverage makes it look so clean.

2- Cases

which is another accessory to keep your phone a little bit more protected, is a case. Again, there are quite a few out there to choose from, but there are always two versions. 

First up are the official Apple leather cases. Now, these are nice. They fit well and look good, and the MagSafe is built into the case. 

They also feel nice to the touch. But the only issue that I have found with the leather ones is they tend to wear around the edges quite quickly, almost fraying or tearing. 

That might be down to my normal use with it being in and out of a tripod most days, but these are my favorite cases to use. 

There are, of course, other cases like speed and range. Now, they have loads of options available that will pretty much fit any need you’ve got the ultra-thin case, which is called the Liquid Air. 

These are slim and look nice with a textured pattern on the back. Then there are more rugged cases like their armor range. 

These have different styles and features too. some of them have a stand built in for propping up on your table, while others are thicker and more protective for your phone. 

A case is always a nice addition to add, even though most of these completely hide the color of your phone. Unless of course, you go for a transparent one.

3- Gaming Controler

Right, so this next one is something different, but an awesome accessory. And that’s the official PlayStation Backbone One controller for iPhone. 

And this is a handheld controller that essentially turns your iPhone into a portable games console. It’s designed to be used with a PlayStation Remote Play, where you can play your PlayStation Four or PlayStation Five while on the move, but it can also still be used to play App Store games, apple Arcade, Call of Duty, and loads more. 

Any game that supports a controller input you’ll be able to use this controller with. And the fact that it’s PlayStation branded means it has all of the usual PlayStation icons, buttons, and triggers as well. 

I did review this on the channel about five or six weeks ago now, but at the time that was on the iPhone 13 Promax. 

Well, you’ll be pleased to know this also fits the 14 Pro and the 14 Promax. You just need to use the adapter that comes with the box for the camera bump. It doesn’t need charging either, so it’s always ready to use.

4- Headphone

Just plug in your phone and start gaming. Now, when it comes to listening to music or watching movies on the iPhone, everything looks and sounds great.

 But if you want to improve the whole experience, it’s always worth picking up some headphones or earphones. 

There are, of course, the new AirPods Pro Gen Two, which launched very recently, but I’m still using the AirPods third gen. 

These pair with the iPhone as well as the iPad, MacBook, and even my TV, but for the iPhone they are awesome.

 They also sound incredible. So I would recommend picking a pair of these up. Now if you wanted to take your audio to a whole new level, there are of course the AirPods Max headphones instead and these are insane quality. 

Now, not only do they look great ignoring the case, but they also pair with everything and sound awesome. 

These have active noise canceling as well as transparency mode, so the same as you get in the AirPods Pro, they also last for about 15 to 20 hours on a single charge.

5- Wallet

So the chances are you’ve probably got a wallet already or you use Apple Pay. 

But if you wanted to keep a couple of cards on you, say a store card and a credit card, you could use one of these MagSafe wallets. 

This is a super slim accessory that connects to the back of your iPhone using the MagSafe feature. 

It snaps on and off quite easily, but it’s also quite firm, so it’s not going to fall off when you’re using it, but it could slide off when you’re taking it out of your pockets. 

It’s a great little accessory if you don’t have a wallet, although it’s not something that I use.

6- Car Accessories

Now, if you drive and you want an easy-to-use car mount, you should check out some of these MagSafe brackets. 

So the one that I have here is specific to Tesla as it clips onto the screen, but there are generic versions out there too, so you can attach these to your dashboard or window or even your air vents. 

Now, what I like about these is the fact you can just pull your phone on and off without messing around with unscrewing or unclipping from a bracket. 

It just pops on and off using the magnets. You could also then feed a USB cable up to it to charge it while it’s mounted. 

7- Mag Safe Accessories

So in the box, the iPhone comes with a USB C to Lightning cable to charge it. But if you want to make the most of the MagSafe capability, you want to pick up one of these MagSafe charges instead. 

It won’t charge it as fast as a wired connection, but sometimes it’s a little bit more convenient. It just clips on the back of your phone and it means you can easily take it on and off charge or use it with the many docs that are out there to hold in place. 

Then there’s a USB-C plug, as again, the plug is not included in the box. Now, most people will probably have one of these already, but if you want to charge it from a dedicated plug, you’ll want to pick one of these up as well. I’m talking about the MagSafe. 

So if you want to display your iPhone on your desk or your bedside unit, these little stands are nice. 

So it doesn’t come with a mag-safe cable, you just need to attach your own to it. 

The one that I have here is from Grove Made. It’s one of their walnut stands. And if you like the look of this one, I have a 10% off code linked below. 

these are probably the nicest looking MagSafe stands out there. And I think I’ve had this one now for about 18 months.

8- Gimbals

So these next couple of accessories is useful if you’re wanting to use your iPhone to record videos. 

Now, I film all of the videos on this channel with an iPhone. I find using a gimbal is a must-buy accessory. 

I mean, sure, the stabilization is incredible on the iPhone, especially with a new action mode, but you still cannot be using a physical gimbal. 

Plus it’s a lot easier to hold it when you’re shooting one-handed. Now I’m using the DJI Osmo mobile three, but I also have the fourth-gen version with a magnet on the back, although I do keep going back to the third-gen as I do prefer it.

Now the Osmo is good because it not only comes with the gimbal, so you can hold it one-handed, but it also comes with a tabletop stand. That means you can place it down and use it as a normal tripod.

9- Tripod/ Monopad

So yeah, if you are using your iPhone to make any videos or even content for YouTube, I would recommend picking one of these up and following on from that. If you need a tripod for your iPhone, I would look at the eye footage monopod. 

The footprint on this is tiny. It’s not like a normal three-legged tripod, so it takes up far less room on your floor. 

You can adjust the height too, so anywhere between knee height to head height. And this is perfect for getting those point-of-view shots, like the way I do my unboxing videos on the channel. 

You can dismantle the top part and just use the feet, making it a tabletop stand. It’s not super sturdy though, so with any knock, it will probably fall over, but it’s perfect for those static shots. Then you just need to pick up one of these iPhone mounts to attach to the top. 

Now you’ve got yourself a pretty decent monopod and tripod setup all in one.

10- Air Tags

this one isn’t really for the iPhone itself, but it works well with it and that’s the Air attacks. 

These let you keep track of the items that you’re worried about losing or misplacing. I’ve got five of these now in various bags, so when I’m out, I know I can track them quite easily. 

You just pop them in your bag or on an item like a camera or a bike, then they show up in the Find My app and you can see where they were last located or if they’re on the move. 

These are supposed to last you one year, although I’ve had mine for 16 months and they still work without a charge.

11- iPhone 14 Accessory

out of all of the accessories that I’ve shown you today, I would probably say the screen protector is the first one everyone should go for. 

Although it’s a pretty boring accessory otherwise. The backbone one controller is an awesome gift. If you’re into gaming, then the AirPod completely changed the way you listen to music and the maximum standard way to display your iPhone. 

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