The ill-fated presentation of Bard, Google’s AI, sends Alphabet down 8.9% on the stock market

The ill-fated presentation of Bard, Google’s AI, sends Alphabet down 8.9% on the stock market

A rather rare day yesterday when Google was expected to present its alternative to ChatGPT. In fact, that failure in Bard’s response has caused it to fall 8.9% on the stock market.

ill-fated presentation of Bard

Yesterday we were present at the ridicule that Google suffered in the presentation of Bard, its alternative to ChatGPT, and at the moment does not shine anywhere. Within hours, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, lost 8.9% on the stock market to reflect that embarrassing moment in a day when it had to come up with an effective alternative to ChatGPT.

OpenAI and ChatGPT make Google nervous

Perhaps we are facing that eternal moment of companies that have been everything and that comfort lose the notion of reality. Google is suffering in its flesh what has been dominating the search engine market for many years.

But now it seems that OpenAI with its ChatGPT and hand-in-hand with Microsoft, are ready to hit Google and its search engine. And it is already beginning to receive those blows after its stock shares fell within hours of its AI chatbot, called Bard, offering an inaccurate answer to a question in its same presentation.

Of course, that tweet spread like wildfire, and the company’s shares fell 8.9% to reach $98.04, its lowest price since January 31. And it is that not even hours later he was able to raise his head.

It is clear that this week the train wreck between Google and Microsoft is going to take on more relevance than one might intuit; perhaps there was hope for the big G to show that work in years with his AI.

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A vital moment for the greats

It all stems from a Reuters report about a Google Twitter ad showing Bard’s capabilities. Of all the answers given to a question about NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, there was the wrong one.

ill-fated presentation of Bard

This inaccuracy in the response put Google against a rock and a hard place for its shares to drop in this way, and also witness how this week has been of vital importance for AI and solutions that seem more solid. It should be remembered that on Tuesday Microsoft presented its new Bing with all those added ChatGPT experiences so that they will soon reach our PCs.

And best of all via Business Insider just around the corner, we have the ERNIE bot, the Chinese competitor of ChatGPT that will be presented in March. Technology companies are pressing hard at a vital moment, the one that is being experienced now so that a single failure is capable of causing your shares to fall by 8.9%.

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