This Google AI bug has cost the company $100 billion

This Google AI bug has cost the company $100 billion

The company shared a video of its chatbot Bard in which it claims that James Webb was the first telescope to take an image of a planet outside the Solar System.

Google AI bug has cost the company $100 billion

Artificial intelligence can do amazing things, however, it is far from perfect. A mistake made by Bard, Google’s intelligent chatbot with which the company intends to counteract the success of ChatGPT, has caused the company to lose nearly 100,000 million dollars on the stock market after the shares of Alphabet, the search engine’s parent, fell 7% last Wednesday.

Bard’s bug was spotted in the same AI presentation video that Google released this week. Specifically, he is asked what to tell a 9-year-old about the findings of the James Webb Space Telescope.

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In the response, the solution claimed that the space observatory was the first to take images of a planet outside our Solar System. Mistake, and a big one. And it is that, as NASA itself indicates, that was already done by the Very Large Telescope of the European Southern Observatory in 2004; that is, about 20 years ago.

“Why didn’t you check this example before sharing it?” Chris Harrison, a researcher at Newcastle University, wrote in a tweet picked up by ‘CNN’.

The arrival on the scene of ChatGPT, a chatbot that in a few weeks of life has managed to reach 100 million unique monthly users, has caused Google to speed up to launch its own version of this AI that, in addition, will soon be available in its own search engine.

There are not a few IT professionals concerned about the landing of content-generating AIs in all kinds of solutions with such speed. To a large extent because it is well known that, despite the training they receive, they continue to make mistakes regularly, so they can easily misinform the user. The Google chatbot bug is just one more example.

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