Britney Spears explodes against her fans for calling the police

Britney Spears explodes against her fans for calling the police

The singer’s followers warned the agents to go to her house to check her health status after the artist deleted her Instagram account again

It is becoming less and less shocking when Britney Spears, a 41-year-old American from Mississippi, deletes her social media pages.

Britney Spears explodes against her fans for calling the police

But for the most faithful followers of the artist, who closely observe each of her movements, it seems that this fact is cause for alert.

In recent months, and especially since she freed herself from her father’s iron tutelage and regained her freedom, her fans have been more aware of her than ever and concern has grown over the publications of the Toxic singer on your accounts.

This excessive interest ended with Britney Spears denouncing the situation on her Twitter account.

Her spouse Sam Asghari, whom she married in June 2022 in a private ceremony at her house, was said to have caused some friction between them a few days ago, according to fans.

And for several of them, the abrupt removal of their social media accounts was the final straw.

They called the Ventura County Police Department, the California county where the couple lived, and requested that they send some agents to assess the interpreter’s health. 

Did It Once More or One More Time, Baby?
Last Wednesday, a spokesman for the police department said, “I can confirm that we have received calls and also that we do not think that Britney Spears is in danger.” He declined to say how many individuals had called enquiring about her.

Spears replied publicly less than 24 hours after the event on her Twitter account, where she has 56 million followers and hasn’t written anything since November 2022.

The musician said, “I love and appreciate my fans, but this time things have gone too far and have violated my privacy. She has also provided more information on the actions of the security guards: “The cops never visited my residence.

They soon concluded there was no issue when they came to my home and went right away. In her reply, she also adds:

“When the event made the news and the media once again represented me negatively and unfairly, I felt like I was being misled and bullied.”

Spears also pleaded with her fans to respect her privacy in the future, saying, “I genuinely hope that the public and my fans, for whom I care so much, can respect my privacy in the future.” “All my love,” she concludes.

Giving everything to someone I love has only caused my heart agony, the artist stated in a letter that was seen by many as an explanation of how things were with her spouse before deleting her Instagram account.

After the account was suspended for many hours, Asghari promptly addressed the rumors. People, don’t believe what you read online, she said in a few of her Instagram stories.

Through a close friend of Spears, the American publication Page Six clarified why she has to periodically step away from social media: “Silence may be more powerful than a message full of force.”

She wants to be the one to take charge of her own life without anybody else’s interference after 13 years of being legally guarded by her father against her choice.

Because of this, she has not at all appreciated her admirers’ generosity. Spears finally escaped her parental influence more than a year ago. After this anticipated occurrence, she severed all relations with her parents, siblings, and extended relatives.

His youngest kid, Jayden James, 15, said in a contentious interview aired on the British ITV network a few months ago that his mother had not given him enough care and that all they wanted was for him to be well. to go back to her:

“I simply want him to get smarter. I want to see her again when she recovers. Following were some comments to which the singer answered most frequently on her Instagram account:

“I no longer feel that my life has any meaning. They brought me delight. They were my entire world. That is what I live for—to see you. And then they abruptly vanish.

The artist’s father, Jamie Spears, broke his years-long quiet to say that guardianship “saved his daughter’s life” and that he would not have been allowed to see his two children again without it in an interview with the British tabloid Daily Mail. Kevin Federline, her second husband, and the children’s father left her following their divorce.

Her guardianship was a fantastic tool for keeping both her and the kids safe. Spears has posted critical words about him throughout these months of freedom, which he frequently removed hours later.

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