Guide to see the Golden Globes 2023

Guide to see the Golden Globes 2023

After a year off the air, the awards ceremony is broadcast again on American television

The Golden Globes return after a year off the air. The film and television awards want to leave behind the controversy over their apparent lack of ethnic diversity and their allegations of alleged corruption. Here we leave a guide with everything you need to know to enjoy the delivery gala.

When are the Golden Globes held?

The ceremony will take place on Tuesday, January 10 at the Beverly Hilton hotel, in the heart of Hollywood, so in Spain, it can be seen at dawn from January 10 to 11.

Where can you see the Golden Globes?

In the United States, they will be broadcast on the public network NBC. In Spain, they will be broadcast live on Movistar Plus+. 

The transmission of the red carpet and the ceremony will have the comments of Cristina Teva and Laia Portaceli and can be followed on the channels Premieres on M+ and Series on M+.

What time do the Golden Globes air?

The start time of the ceremony in Los Angeles is 5:00 in the afternoon. 

They will be broadcast from 2:00 in the morning from Tuesday the 10th to Wednesday the 11th in mainland Spain (from 1:00 in the Canary Islands).

What are the candidates?

Here we attach a complete list of candidates in all categories.


  • Best Movie (Drama)
  • Avatar: The Sense of Water
  • Elvis
  • The Fabelmans
  • tar
  • Top Gun: Maverick

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