Polo Polo takes trucks away from officials of the House of Representatives

The congressman who represents the blacks was against the measure of David Racero to take armored vans from several officials of the House of Representatives

Miguel Polo Polo said that he would be one of the staunchest contradictors and opponents of the government of Gustavo Petro, who will take the reins of the country as of August 7 in Bogotá. The representative of the Chamber for blacks was not happy with the austerity measures that have been taken since the presidency of the Chamber in charge of Congressman David Racers.

Miguel Polo Polo lost the Afro seat in the recount

Well, a few days ago, Racero declared that some officials of the Chamber will no longer be able to use the state vans to move around the city since a plan has already been initiated to reduce costs to the state. This Polo Polo said about the decision:

A sector of society celebrates Racero’s decision regarding the vans. And that cost of a billion that we save in a year, Petro will spend it in a day of possession, and more. Not counting the two new useless ministries that he will create. Pure populism”, warned the new congressman.

David Racero’s criticized measure was to cut vehicle maintenance costs, among others, thus forcing congressmen to assume their mobility and maintenance costs for their cars.

Starting with me, the presidency staff does not have armored vans, the two vice presidencies that signed in common agreement, the General Secretariat, Internal Control, Press, and the Secretariats of the Commission that also had a van assigned, I do not understand why, if they are not congressmen,” Racero assured in an interview with La Última newspaper.

As for the congressmen, he said he regretted not being able to take the vans directly from them, since they are guaranteed by a decree issued by the Ministry of the Interior.

“Unfortunately, I cannot take the congressmen’s truck away, because that depends on a decree from the Ministry of the Interior. For now, I continue to invite colleagues to understand, of their own free will, that armored vans are for people with extraordinary risks, not as a privilege of private Uber for their mobility”, closed the president of the Chamber.

It may interest you: Petro fulfilled his promise and invited Kelly Garcés, a Medellín street sweeper, who was attacked for supporting him.

Criticism has been established towards the new government, mainly due to the figure that will be allocated for the possession of Petro this Sunday, August 7, as the new president of Colombians. Well, the calculation exceeds 3 billion pesos, justified by different cultural events and attention to leaders and foreign ministers from different parts that come to the event.

It is expected that more than 100,000 people will participate in the inauguration of Petro and Francia Márquez, understood by many as the first purely popular government to climb to the most important position in the country.

Among the most prominent guests is the street sweeper from Medellín who was attacked for supporting the leftist leader, Kelly Garcés.
The Tolima fisherman Don Arnulfo, Katherine Gil, a worker from the capital of Chocó, Rigoberto López, who works as a coffee grower in Caldas, and Señor Londoño, known for being a Silletero from Antioquia who supported Petro in the campaign.

In addition, they added to Bogotá music, Yenifer Gómez, who was trained in the youth program, San Cristóbal Youth Philharmonic, which was promoted during Petro’s mayoralty in the Colombian capital.

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